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Tips for Solo Trip to Canada

​Solo travelling is the best way to explore new places, rejuvenating, and enjoying your own company. The 7 continents have provided us with plenty of options to travel to, each with their specialties. Out of a few primary destinations for solo travelling, Canada is at the top. The Great White North is known for its friendly people, safety, cradling in the lap of Mother Nature, and filled with adventurous activities to explore.

Canada has consistently been raved about by tourists for the brilliant experience by both male and female solo travelers. This should be enough to spark your inner wayfarer and get your gears grinding to buy yourself a travel insurance for Canada​ and take this trip.

But before you start backpacking through the new country, here are some nugget-sized tips to make your trip much better and comfortable!

Apps Always Help

The new-age technology is no stranger to the recently trending solo wanderlust in people. You can find tens and thousands of apps on your smartphone’s app store to make your trip hassle-free. A couple of must-haves include offline Canadian map, at least the city you will be visiting, airlines information app, Airbnb (if you opt for one), digital packing assistant like PackPoint, and an app that will connect you with other solo travelers if you wish to get some company.

Apart from this, get a local sim card as soon as you land in the new country, and make sure your smartphone is always well-charged. Carry a portable power bank charger if needed as well.

Connect with a Tour

Wanderlust doesn’t take time to fade away as soon as you face the smallest inconveniences. It is not only frustrating but sometimes even petrifying. Instead of struggling to explore the diverse options all alone, it is highly recommended to get in touch with a local tour. Canada is home to some great local tour companies who run tour services for solo travelers of different age groups. Try visiting their website to book a tour or get in touch with them in the city. It will make the experience extremely stress-free and safer.

Befriend the Locals

Be it your Airbnb host, roommate at the tourist hostel, or the local bar where you go in for a drink, try making friends. Canadians are extremely friendly and helpful, and would probably make great friends. Since English is their primary language, there will hopefully be minimal to zero language barrier. Chat with them and befriend them. It is also a savvy method to get some local dos and don’ts.

Trust Your Gut

This is the rule of thumb for solo travelers. If anything doesn’t feel right, try to walk out of that situation immediately. Your gut is always right, don’t doubt your intuitions. Keep your senses alert and know when you’re in an uncomfortable zone.

Solo travelling is exciting and fun. All you need to do is be instinctive and confident. Remember to not panic in any situation. In any mishap, you can easily file a travel insurance claim and be protected. Don’t think a lot, just jump right into it and enjoy your trip to Canada!