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Tips for Solo Travel to Schengen Countries in Europe

​A solo trip is a perfect way to explore Europe. However, it can showcase unique challenges that you might not face when you are on the road with friends and family, especially if you are not used to striking out on your own. 

The biggest hurdle can be the price. That rental car to explore the Schengen countries in Europe is quite expensive when there is only one pocket to cover it. And those fun and exciting dinners where you share five of the best dishes off the menu. That’s going to be very trickier when you are on your own. 

However, traveling alone offers some benefits that are not available for those sharing their journey with others. And if all goes right, you will come back from a solo excursion with a few memorable stories, fun photos, and even some new friends. Plus, if you want to enjoy your trip thoroughly without taking any stress of expenses, then buy travel insurance​. Listed below are few tips that will help you to master the art of solo trip. 

Get outside of your head and meet people

Get outside of your mind. It is a great idea to be contemplative, of course, but when you are ready for it, look around and open your mind. 

Just study the situation in which you find yourself. In a smoky bar in the middle of the day where everyone is sitting alone? Probably not a perfect time to begin a chat. But if you are at the convivial pub at happy hour and the locals are just settling in for a drink, then you can trust that you will find a welcome patron with whom you can start a chat. 

Book a small single room to save

Accommodation can be the hardest place to save money when you visit Europe on a solo trip. While one way is to go for a dorm bed in a hostel, what if you want your own room at a place with a bit of character? It is suggested to go for a small, independent hotel that delivers deals on smaller single rooms. 

While most chain hotels charge almost the same price whether you are two or one in a room, fortunately, in Europe, many of the classic hotels that you prefer to reduce rates for one person. And if you do not mind sharing a bathroom, then you will be able to save even more. 

Learn the language

Spend some time learning some basic words. It will not only help you to get around but will also show your respect for the local customs. You’d be surprised to know how a little effort can go a long way. Adding to that, knowing the right words can save a lot of money when placing orders at restaurants and markets.

So these were some basic tips that will help you in making your solo trip successful. Also, while planning your trip do not forget to get a Schengen travel insurance as it not only protects you from expenses but is also mandatory for your visa. A travel insurance helps you in a unexpected situation in a foreign land and hence it is very much recommended.