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Things To Do If Someone You Stay With Has Coronavirus


The ongoing corona virus pandemic has created a lot of problems for many people. While many people are suffering because of being forced to stay indoors, there are some unluckier ones who have lost incomes and business. However, the worst hit among all are the people who have someone in their home and family actually get infected with Corona virus and have been quarantines to their homes.

If you are one such person or if you think that someone near and dear to you is at risk of Covid-19, there are many important things you should do. The basic groundwork that you should do if you think you are at Covid-19 risk is to ​buy health insurance and collect groceries and supplies for at least one month in your home, such that you will be able to live in a quarantined state.

If you or someone in your family has actually been detected with corona virus, here are some important things to do.

​Inform the appropriate authorities:

The government will help you with the proper procedure to quarantine your family as well as the infected person. Inform appropriate authorities and they will come and mark your home accordingly. They will also provide you with information about medication and handling of PPE kits and masks.

Collect domestic supplies and groceries:

Having a person with corona virus in homes means that no one in the family will be allowed to step out of self isolation for any purpose. You will need to call friends and neighbours for making these arrangements. Make sure that all this is done with zero physical contact and payments are made by digital means.

Get your medical insurance in order:

If a person in your family is infected, you must start looking in detail about all the health insurance policy clauses that are applicable to you. Read up about any prior information needed by medical insurance company and network hospitals with corona patient support.

Ensure minimal physical contact with infected:

A healthy family member must be designated to interact with the infected person and only they should be allowed to go near the infected person. Only the designated person should provide the food to infected person all other interaction of the designated person with other family members must be very limited.

Complete isolation of aged and children:

People who are below 10 years and above 60 years must stay away from person infected with corona virus. Similarly any person with a known heart or respiratory disease must also be completely isolated from the infected person and designated care giver.

Wash hands on hourly basis:

Everyone in the family must maintain absolutely stringent had hygiene conditions. This means that every person in the house must wash their hands on an hour to hour basis during their waking hours.

These are tough and challenging times but they can be overcome if we follow basic preparatory thing. Be up to date on health insurance. Maintain social distancing protocols. Follow self quarantine guidelines on stringent basis. Provide emotional support to each other and above everything else, ensure proper hygiene.