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The Benefits of Daily Cycling

​We all know that we need to maintain an active lifestyle if we want to remain at the peak of our health and fitness. Cycling is one of the most effective and easiest means of remaining active as it burns a lot of calories and exercises several muscles on your body as well. That is well known as well. However, in addition to simply remaining fit, cycling has a number of other benefits as well.

When it comes to cycling, doing so regularly for just about two to four hours a week is enough to ensure that you remain healthy. Cycling is an extremely low impact activity. As such, it’s likely to cause less pain and injuries than several other exercises. Furthermore, it also works up several muscles and parts of your body, thus serving as a full body workout. And finally, cycling is great for your stamina and it can keep you active for longer periods of time.

Below are some of the direct benefits you get from cycling.


Weight Control
Cycling simultaneously raises your metabolic rate, builds muscles and also burns body fat. As such, if you want to lose weight or avoid obesity, cycling is the healthiest means of doing so. Furthermore, cycling is quite comfortable and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise so you can do it on your own as well, gradually increasing the amount of time you spend cycling and how fast you go.

According to research, you should ideally burn 2000 calories a week with exercise. Cycling burns around 300 calories in a single hour, so you need just about 6 hours of cycling in a week to meet that optimum quota.

Reduce Risk of Cancer
Several studies have found that if you exercise frequently and regularly, your chances of developing cancer — especially breast and colon cancer — is significantly reduced.

Boost up your Mental Faculties
Not only does cycling help you get physically fit, but it exercises your brain as well. A study conducted by Charles Hillman found that regular cycling helps push back the effects of Alzheimer’s on the elderly. Furthermore, the single-minded focus it encourages also helps people suffering from ADHD. As such, cycling is both a great physical and mental exercise.

Improve Heart Condition
If you cycle regularly you’re far less likely of developing high blood pressure​, which is the number one cause of pressure on the heart which may eventually lead to heart conditions. As such, if you cycle regularly, you can prevent a heart condition from taking root.

Looking Attractive, Feeling Sexy
Finally, not only does cycling help develop your calf and other muscles, but studies have shown that cyclists are viewed as about 23 percent sexier and more intelligent than non-cyclists. So, if you want more luck in terms of dating, cycling is a great way to go about it!

While cycling is a great means of being both physically and mentally fit, it’s not a miracle-worker either. You can still contract illnesses you didn’t expect and you can still get into accidents. As such, the only way to completely protect yourself (at least financially) from them is to get a health insurance​, and then start cycling to make sure you never have to actually use it!