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Solo Travel Tips For Indonesia

​Many people love travelling alone. Also, there are a lot of perks of travelling alone especially in a country as beautiful as Indonesia. However, there are a few things which could be of the concern for a person on a solo trip. If you want to take the bold step of travelling alone and are discouraged by a few factors and need some motivation, continue reading this article to know some important tips. 

While travelling alone to a foreign country you first of all need to get travel insurance for your safety and to have a secure trip. In case of any mishappening during the trip, all the expenses will be covered by the insurer. Things to keep in mind while travelling alone are


Indonesia is generally safe to travel alone and is also considered one of that destination which is a safe place for solo woman travellers. Often people have expressed themselves that they have felt more secure in Indonesia than they have expected. However, like every country, there is a certain location which is prone to crimes, robberies and other kinds of criminal activities. It doesn’t mean that tourist is to completely stay away from these areas it just means that awareness is needed while travelling. The more attentive you are about yourself and your luggage the less chance of getting into criminal activity is there.

If possible, tourists are advised to not walk alone in the night in dark alleys. The most possible thing which could happen to a tourist as they are easily identifiable is a scam and one must do their research properly to be aware of that. 


Many cities in Indonesia are still traditional. In these towns’ tourists may consider dressing modestly to avoid attention. This is only to avoid special attention apart from this there is no specific thing that a person is required to wear. 


Accommodation is easily available in big towns; however, accommodation could be difficult to find in less touristy places. One must be aware of the general price and thus should avoid any kind of scam. For those who are wishing to stay for a longer period should find good sharing options so that you can accommodate for a cheaper price. If you are travelling in a group then instead of getting a hotel you can book a rented home which would be cheaper and also give you more privacy. 


Unfortunately, Indonesia is still developing in terms of transportation and while you can easily find bus service in big cities, smaller towns are still unlinked from this service. Also, cab services are available in big cities. So, if you have a specific destination in mind which is remote it is best to book a rented cab and to visit the place for a day. 

While you travel alone you can rest assure by getting travel insurance​ for yourself. You can make a travel insurance claim anytime when it falls under the terms and conditions of the policy.