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Simple Car Hacks

Having a car is a great thing, but its maintenance can cause you a fortune. This is the reason why it is advisable for you to use simple car hacks that can save you a lot of money. Everybody loves a cheap and easy hack that can solve the problem without any expenses. And the money that you will save from using these simple tricks, you can use that to buy car insurance. A car insurance policy ensures that you and your car are financially secure. Given below are some of the simple car hacks that will not only help you save money but will also be a great experience for you.

Use toothpaste to clean headlights

So, you thought toothpaste can only clean your teeth, well you are wrong as that is not the only thing it can clean. You can use toothpaste to clean the headlights. Due to weather changes the plastic cover over your car's headlight might get a little foggy. You can apply toothpaste on the plastic cover and let it stay there for some time. Then you should rinse it with clean water and let it dry. You don't need to pay extra, however, you need some arm strength though. You can also use car wax or furniture polish to clean your car's headlight.

Use shoes as a cup holder

Yes, it is true that all the cars come with cup holders, but not all cup holders are good. Sometimes cup holders are not deep enough to hold the drink. In such a case you take the help of shoes. You can put your drink inside the shoe. Shoes are deep and have a solid base, so one doesn't need to worry about the spilling of their cappuccino. You can also apply this when you are hiking or trekking.

Use a staple remover to add keys to the keyring

We all have been there; we all have suffered that pain of getting our keys onto a king ring. If you don't have nails, it can get really tough for you. But you don't have to worry about breaking your nails as you can use a staple remover to open the keyring and you can easily put on the keys.

Use your seat warmer to keep food warm

This feature may not be available in all the cars, but in the ones that come with this feature, you can use it for some other tasks. Whenever you pick a food, you need it to be hot. You can use a seat warmer to keep your food warmer. It is obvious that your food will not be piping hot but a seat warmer will surely slow down the cooling process.

Use nail polish to fix scratches

Getting scratches is the worst nightmare of every car owner. And a little scar on your beloved car can cost you a fortune. However, there is a way by which you can fix it at a cheap price. You can take the help of nail polish. Go to the store and buy the nail polish whose color matches your car. Apply it on the scratchy part. It won't look amazing but your car will look better.