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Should You Go Swimming During Covid-19 Pandemic

​There are a lot of people who were regular swimmers while some of them had the access to the private swimming pool in their society which was open to the members of the society while others went to the public swimming pool which is generally bigger. Swimming is regarded as one of the best exercises to stay fit and the question that the authorities are facing is how to implement social distancing in pool water. 

It has been difficult to manage the social distancing on the land doing it in a pool which is a common medium for all the swimmers especially considering that there is a virus whose medium though defined by air but is yet unknown and no one is sure of seems like an impossible task. With no vaccine in sight, swimming in a public pool could be a bit risky.

With chlorine in the water while swimming pool could be one of the safest spots where there is no chance of getting the virus but getting out of the pool is where the trouble begins. Also, amateur swimmers don't have dedicated lanes and those who swim for recreational activity also don't follow rules, and thus it is hard to follow social distancing. Allowing a limited number of people with fixed time and spots can also be a bit difficult to manage though there has been no evidence of the virus spreading through the water the details of this virus are yet highly unknown. 

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Does the COVID-19 virus spread through the water in the swimming pool?​

No, as far as the researches have told yet the virus is not able to transmit through the water in the pool. While bacteria survive well in the water all type of viruses does not survive in the water. Also, the added chlorine in the swimming pool makes survival difficult. There is no chance of infection if the disinfectant is used and the pool is properly cleaned. Viruses primarily spread through the droplets of cough when people sneeze and thus transmitted through the water is tough. 

Practicing Social Distancing

The important part starts after coming out of the pool. While in the pool there should be a restricted area where the swim and should always be at a good distance from the other swimmers. The moment you come outside the pool your body could be prone to sneezing due to changing temperature. All of this should be avoided and while recreation is important but social distancing must be kept in mind at all times. 

Private Pools

Private pools that are just for your family are safe because you have been interacting with your family anyways and as far as the pool is disinfected there is no risk.

Public Pool

Public Pool could pose a little risk with the violation of social distancing norms but sooner or later these pools will open with restricted measures. 

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