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Secure Your Health This National Women's Health & Fitness Day

​We have seen huge changes in the role and rights of the women in the last few decades. Still, there has been a lack of women caring about their health. Health and fitness for a long time have been something which comes for women after their family and work. However, having a healthy diet, proper and regular health check-ups are essential for maintaining your health. Due to the biological differences between men and women the intensity of fitness and thus the requirements could be less or more. Paying attention to your fitness is surely worth your time. To encourage this importance every last Wednesday of September is celebrated as National Women’s Health day which will be celebrated on 30th September this year. 

Let’s take a look into a few habits that every woman should include in the lifestyle for healthy living.

Eat Healthy: 

Consuming healthy food is important for all the things that are to be done to keep you healthy. Add more fruits and vegetable into your diet which will make a healthy part of your routine. Limit eating food with high calories and sugar level. 


Get your body moving, it is important to exercise and walk daily to keep the body fit and in shape. Make a goal of doing at least 3 hours of physical activities every week which is like the minimum you should do. Participate in the fun activities in a group which could keep you happy and is also physically healthy to do. 


Take your health seriously. Women are known to be the ones who care about their health the least. It is important to go to the doctor and get a check-up as quickly as possible so that any kind of infection is prevented in the first place. 


Consistently work on these goals and set an example for other women. You can be a role model for all the women out there who are struggling with their health and want to get the best out of their daily life. 

Finally, when you are paying attention to your health you also need a sense of security which will keep you covered in the time of crisis. This could be the time when you must consider of getting health insurance. Presently the medical care expenses are growing day by day and amidst all this, health policy can help you a lot. You can get comprehensive family protection by getting a floater health insurance which will protect all your family member, adults and kids.

The significant benefits of getting a good health insurance plan could be:

  • Cashless Hospitalisation at any network hospital
  • All the coverage for pre and post hospitalisation expenses as well
  • Minimum documentation required for claim settlement. Thus, the process for filing and getting claim is hassle-free
  • Annual health check-ups for family
  • All the type of treatment from dialysis to need of the critical illness specifically for an individual is covered under the plan

  • Hence the conclusion is to gift yourself with health insurance​ this women’s day.​