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Tips To Ride Your Two Wheeler Safely

​​No matter where you are in India, you will always find a lot of two-wheelers. Whether it is a metropolitan city or a small town, most of us rely on a two wheeler when it comes to travelling to a nearby distance. It is the convenience factor which makes a two wheeler a real hero. People use bikes, scooters and mopeds for both travelling to work and going out over the weekend. Last year, around 14 million bikes were sold in India. Bike is the most preferred mode of transport after public transport modes.​

One can easily enjoy a quick ride on a two wheeler and leave the traffic behind. However, there are a lot of risk factors also associated with riding a two wheeler. In India, not just the number of bikes but the number of bike accidents is increasing.

Out of all the accidents, most accidents are due to speed or the driver not wearing a helmet. When you can buy health insurance and life insurance to protect your life, why not buy two wheel​er insurance​ as well? Your bike or scooter also needs proper protection against unseen happenings. Have you wondered what would happen if you crash your bike or if your bike gets stolen? A proper two wheeler insurance policy is the right way to protect your ride from extreme incidents. If you have two wheeler insurance, you can easily reduce the monetary crisis you face during and after an accident. Most bike accidents are very serious as they put both the bike and the rider at risk even if the rider has worn a helmet.  In such cases, two-wheeler insurance policy protects the costs related to the damage of your two wheeler and your medical expenses.

When you are driving your two-wheeler, make sure you observe all the traffic rules. Here are 5 best tips to ride your bike​ or scooter safely –

When it comes to buying two wheeler i​nsurance​, you must not look at it as an expense but a worthy investment. When a person meets with an accident on a two wheeler, there are chances of a serious injury and eventually he/she requires a lot of medical assistance and all this without two wheeler insurance is an expensive proposition.

If you are worried about the time and effort it will take to buy two wheeler insurance policy, just don't worry and simple log on to the website of the insurance company you wish to buy the policy from and buy it within minutes.

You must select a two-wheeler insurance policy that matches your requirement and lifestyle rightly.

Ideally, you should look for a two wheeler insurance plan that includes theft and accident cover.Choose a policy that also includes services like towing assistance, ambulance and 24X7 assistance. ​