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Reasons to Kickstart Your Bike Every Morning

Do you own a bike or any other two-wheeler? If yes, you must have heard from a lot of people advising to kickstart your vehicle rather than using self-start before using it in the morning. There are a number of people following this advice without knowing the reason, just following the trail. But have you ever tried to discover what is it about kickstart? No? Don't worry have covered all the important aspects that you need to know about kick-starting the bike. But before that, let's dig out more information about how kickstart works?

Kick-starting a Bike - How does it work?

The function of kickstart can be comprehended as bringing back the life to the heart of your engine which has been kept idle. On kickstarting, the crankshaft in the internal combustion engine starts rotating, which thrust the piston against the head of the piston.

This leads to building-up high-pressure and the air-fuel mixture gets ignited, which expands the mixture and enables the piston to keep moving and run the cycle continuously to keep the engine running.

The reason why most advise kick-starting the bike before using it in the morning.

Kickstarting your bike in the morning before using it for the first time has been a common practice, especially when the weather is cold. There have been many reasons for the same.

  • Firstly, the engine mostly cools down at a quite low temperature, and over the night (which already is a cold period), the temperature falls down further. This disturbs the burning mechanism of the engine of the bike. Due to the absence of friction and heat, the starter motor needs to be pushed to bring current to the battery of the bike. Therefore, more physical effort is required to push the starter motor.

Moreover, the battery also tends to lose its ions when left idle in standby mode for the night, which can crank up the engine, due to the cooler environment in the night.

What if you don't kick-start your bike in the morning​? Is it necessary to do so?

Even if it is advised, you really don't have to kickstart your bike every morning. Many people use the 'electric start' option to spark and heat up the engine, every time they start the bike. The people may do it for different reasons but the most common one is due to the effort required to kickstart the bike being too high.

Kickstarting is mostly required in the bikes designed classically, where the battery and engine are not as efficient compared to the modern motorbikes. Since the arrival of new and improved engine designs, kickstarting the bike in the morning is not as important. Many modern bikes do not even have kickstart option. These modern bikes are equipped with moderately sized and ingenious designed batteries that do not let the engine go to stand-by mode. Well, good things come with a price tag, which is usually on the higher side in the case of these modern bikes.

No matter what type of bike you are going to have your hands on, it is more important to keep it safe and protected from any unexpected situations. And for that, you need to buy a two wheeler insurance policy from a reputable company.​