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Real Life Lessons To Teach Your Children During Lockdown

Spending time with children is one of the most beautiful experiences, while we are at it, with the help of our experience and skills incurred we can also prepare them for the real world. Here are some skills you can teach them that you have learnt from you parents and from life itself that you can share with the young ones in the family.

1. Health and Fitness Skills: Coronavirus is one perfect example wherein children observed and learnt about health and learnt how to remain fit and in good health. You should use your weekends and put in time to learn and do Yoga as well as indoor exercises like squats, skipping and jumping jacks etc. Moreover, all of you should learn how to cook and eat healthy food items. Focus on importance of green vegetables and fruits, as well to reduce your sugar and salt intake along with carbohydrate consumption.

2. Money Management Lessons: You can also use your special time to teach the teens in the family about the various money management skills you have learnt overtime. Start by teaching them about the importance of a domestic budget and how to draw one and stick to it. Tell them about how to prioritise their funds for the four pillars of life, namely food, shelter, clothing transportation and the protective roof provided by insurance of different kinds. Teach them why it's necessary for everyone to buy health insurance and life insurance.

3. New Language Skills:  The internet provides perfect platform for everyone to learn different languages. You should make a joint effort with a child in the family to learn a new language.  It is also going to be a very unique advantage for you because you can tell your boss that you have made productive use of the time you had at home and invested in learning a new language. You can also use this new language skill to earn some money on the side as you get more and more proficient in the new language.

4. Basic Auto Repair Skills: Driving is a skill everyone should eventually try to possess to make their life easier. Teenage is the perfect age for them to learn the basic skills with regard to repair and maintenance of automobiles. If you have a two wheeler or four wheeler, teach them about the basic components of the vehicle, teach them how to change a flat tyre, how to change a dead battery or jump start a car using a secondary battery, how to siphon fuel from the car's fuel tank etc. These skills will help them in extreme emergencies with any kind of automobiles and reduce their dependence on roadside assistance services.