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Popular Forts around the World to Explore

​​Forts are rigid and robust constructions made to defend the territory & military during the war. It gives military personnel a safe harbour from the enemy. These structures are formed explicitly with warfare in mind. A fort is considered as a means of defense and protection. The construction of fortifications requires a high level of engineering and architecture. Not every fort formed was the same and held the same purpose. Here's a list of top forts from around the world to travel and explore-

Fort of Ávila

Standing high on a hillside in the south of the Castile and León region, Ávila is one of the most stunning fortified complexes in Spain. Thanks to the TV mega-hit series "Game of Thrones," the fort has turned into one of the most magnificent monuments tourists now rush to visit. The towering walls of the fort was built between the 11th and 14th centuries and stretch across two and a half kilometers around the town. The fort is studded by 90 fortified towers and has churches, Gothic palaces and the 12th-century cathedral inside the walls.

Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and is located between Europe and Africa. It has a cliff face, 16th-century medieval construction, and tunnels carved into the rock for withstanding besieging.

Prague Castle

Dated back to the 9th century, the Prague Castle is large and robust.  It castle served as the seat of power for the Bohemian Kings, Holy Roman Emperors and the presidents of Czechoslovakia. Presently, the castle safeguards the Bohemian Crown Jewels, locked away in a secret chamber. Apart from displaying impressive fortification, the castle has several other pieces of magnificent architecture. Today, the Prague Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague receiving around 1.8million visitors every year.

Citadel of Aleppo

The Citadel of Aleppo is one of the largest and oldest castles in the world. As per the archaeological evidence, the site has been occupied since the 3rd century BC. For centuries, the citadel has been held and developed by the Greeks, Byzantines, Ayyubids, and Mamluks. What's more? The fortress was turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 to recognize its historical importance. During the Battle of Aleppo in 2015 the citadel was severely damaged and got re-opened in 2017 while it's still undergoing repairs.

Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress was built within just 3 months. From that time onwards the fort was continuously reconstructed until it became strong enough to withstand the attacks. The fort is located outside the western wall of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Fort Lovrijenac is 37 meters above sea level, and its 12-meter thick walls facing the ocean side is merely impenetrable.

Malbork Castle

The world's largest brick castle by surface area is none other than the Malbork Castle. Its construction started in the 13th century on the banks of the River Nogat by a Catholic religious group. The castle flaunts massive Gothic-style brick walls, which makes it a significant place of interest

All these monuments display a magnificent architecture. You will be left in awe when you see the grandeur of these forts. You should beyond any doubt visit these forts and explore the jewels of the past. However, before getting on the exploration spree, don't forget to insure your trip with a travel insurance policy. You can easily buy a travel insurance policy online without any paperwork or hassle.