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Natural Phenomena Which Are Worth a Visit

If you are an avid traveler and wondering where to plan and what should be the key highlights of your next trip, natural phenomenon of mother nature can be your answer. The world bristles with bizarre and wonderful things that deserve to pay a visit (even if they are located in different corners across the globe). But before jetting out on the journey, take a few moments to explore them on the internet. Here is the list of top natural phenomena that are worth traveling for. 

Here’s a list of Natural Phenomena That Need to be Discovered 

1. Never-Ending Lightning Storm
The Never-Ending Lightning Storm at Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is sitting on the priority list of storm chasers. Lake Maracaibo witnesses the Catatumbo Lightning effect. It is an atmospheric phenomena occurring over the mouth of the Catatumbo River, which makes it the most electrical place on the global map. This lightning condition transpires 140 to 160 nights per year, 10-hours a day, and 280 times an hour. Its frequency keeps on changing from year to year. However, the place is risky as the lake is home to a group of poisonous snakes. Hence, make sure you have travel insurance when you plan to visit Lake Maracaibo. 

2. Acid Yellow Hot Springs 
Located in the Danakil Depression, northwest Ethiopia, this Acid Yellow Hot Spring is full of dried lake flats, bubbling with neon acid, which creates a picturesque sight. However, these sulfur lakes of Dallol are located 330 feet below sea level, and getting here might not be as easy as to Lake Maracaibo. The destination is one of the hottest places and is described as Mars on Earth. It is advised to do thorough research on accommodation and lifestyle before you decide to head to northern Ethiopia and witness this phenomenon.

3. Aurora Borealis 
Aurora borealis also known as Northern Lights is an incredible atmospheric phenomenon that can be a life-changing experience. It is a remarkable display of lights produced by the charged and rapidly-moving particles in the sun rays entering the earth's atmosphere. The magnetic field of earth drives these particles to the poles. These northern lights are so much popular and countless tours are being provided by the travel agencies to let the travelers savor a life-changing experience. You can book travel insurance online and a tour provider agency to have a glimpse of these natural phenomena in Alaska’s Coast or Northern Norway.  

4. Bioluminescent Marine Life 
Bioluminescence is the emission of biochemical light by living organisms such as fireflies and glow worms. The same science applies to numerous aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate organisms when agitated. It creates a remarkable sight that is meant to behold. There are certain destinations in the Caribbean, where you can witness this scenic scenario. These organisms reside in the crystalline saltwater lagoons. Puerto Rico’s Mosquito Bay is one of the famous destinations in the world where you can paddle through to spot the ignited sea. You can go for kayaking and book electric boat trips. Make sure to book your trip on a darker night, close to the new moon, as the bio bay glows brighter on the darker nights. ​