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Basic Two Wheeler Maintenance Tips

If you own a motorcycle, chances are high that you use it on a daily basis. This isn’t a surprise since a motorcycle offers great convenience along with low travelling costs. It is important that you take care of your motorcycle so that it runs at an optimum level and does not break down on the road leaving you stranded and helpless. In addition to regular servicing, here are a few tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to ensure a trouble free bike ride. 

Let’s hit the throttle!

  • Check the engine oil regularly 
This is the most important and fundamental tip towards maintaining your bike. Although this tip is a no-brainer, its importance can’t be overstated. Simply put, engine oil ensures the smooth functioning of the motorcycle by lubricating all the engine’s moving parts. Depending on the make and your use, it is recommended to get the engine oil changed after every 2000 km. In case the oil level drops before that, you can always top it up. Additionally, ensure that you buy the right type of oil for your bike.

Quick tip: Go for synthetic engine oil since it has a longer life and functions better.

  • Check the brakes
Safety comes first, always. This holds very true for a motorcycle. It is very crucial that you check if the brakes are working properly or not. Additionally, it is always helpful to check the condition of the brake pads too. Depending on your motorcycle and the terrain you ride in, make sure to change them at regular intervals.
Quick tip: Avoid parking your motorcycle on an incline since it damages the brake pads.

  • Check the tyres
Checking the tyres regularly is an integral part of your bike maintenance​ routine. You should check them for air pressure, cracks, holes and regular wear and tear before you take your bike for a spin. Special care needs to be taken regarding tyre pressure.
Quick tip: Check the tyre pressure when the tyre is cool as it fetches an incorrect reading otherwise.
  • Clean the air filter
It is important to clean the air filter on a regular basis since dust and other particles get collected in the filter over time.  If the air filter gets clogged, the bike engine has to work extra hard leading to increased fuel consumption and other damage.
  • Monitor the bike chain
The bike chain is an integral part of the bike mechanism. You should regularly check it and ensure that it is well lubricated. Care should be taken to also ensure that it is tight enough and does not slack. This way you can protect it from breaking unexpectedly.

So these were a few handy tips, trick and techniques to keep your bike running at an optimum level. In addition to the above, you should also ensure that you have a robust bike insurance policy. If not, it is high time that you avail a bike insurance cover online. With 2 wheeler insurance, you can always breathe easy in the event of an accident thus securing total peace of mind.