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Must Have Modern Features for A Performance Bike

​Riding a motorbike has always been for a reason. Until a few years ago, the reason was commutation, today it’s more of the ‘because I like it’ factor. With the increase in the demand for performance bikes in the Indian market, the automobile industry has been able to provide us with numerous options for demanding consumers. Most of them are packed with great features that are incredibly efficient. Moreover, on the accident-prone Indian roads, where you need bike insurance for precaution, extra safety coming from the bike is always a bonus!

Let’s take a look at 5 must-have features of modern performance bikes in India.

Modern Disc Brakes

Efficient braking can be achieved with well-ventilated, high-quality discs in the brakes. The same is essential for the brake pads. This ensures their efficient biting into the discs consistently and returning positive feedback to the brake lever each time.

To further improve the braking system, radially mounted calipers and petal-type discs are good options. They help in increasing the agility of the bike by shaving off the extra unsprung weight. Steel braided brake lines also improve the effectiveness and life of the braking system.

It is necessary for both the braking systems to be governed by and ABS that prevents wheels from locking up during hard brakes.

Performance Tyres

The rubber compound, profile, tread, and construction of the tyres act as key elements to improve the overall riding experience of a performance bike. They are the components that make the bike firm-rooted when the power is transferred to the rear wheel, helping in achieving better acceleration and balance. Tyres of such bikes should always be of top quality designed specifically for performance bikes and should have an excellent road grip.

Liquid Cooling

A modern high-speed bike engine requires much more than atmospheric cooling. The efficient cooling method for such a high heat-emitting mechanism is employing liquid cooling, maybe in combination with oil cooling. This liquid is circulated and helps in absorbing the heat produced by the motor. This process helps keep the components lubricated for extended periods.

Modern Chassis and Suspension

A trellis type twin-spar or similar modern and robust frame is a sought-after feature in performance bikes. This provides a solid architecture that provides balanced rigidity. It helps in increasing the bike’s stability at high speeds and helps it in maneuvering smoothly even along with sharp turns.

Upside down forks help in improving the bike’s dynamic abilities as well. They reduce the sprung and unsprung weight, resulting in better stability during braking and increasing the rigidity in the front end.
Apart from this, the rear swingarm should also be well-constructed with high-quality rigid material. Pairing it with mono-shock will allow much better riding and handling of the bike.


A performance bike should be of the lightest weight possible and aerodynamically efficient to make it tackle the least resistance while speeding. It should also feature channels that help in directing the internally emitted heat away from the rider.

A performance motorcycle should be able to provide the best riding experience to the rider while keeping him safe. Make sure you benefit from the newest technology even for safety and buy bike insurance online​ as well as high-quality protective gears to ensure the safest ride every time!