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Most Common Running Injuries – Their Causes, Prevention & Treatments

​Running is one of the most common ways to improve physical fitness. We can spot runners at 5 in the morning who are really caring about their health and try hard to stay in shape. Although running is one of the great ways to stay fit sometimes overexertion can cause a lot of trouble on the body and cause any injury at some point. Most of the injuries can happen to a person when the body is pushed too hard. So, a lot depends on how the body moves and the stress in the body. 

With growing age, people tend to rely more on running for their physical health and on health insurance for their financial security. Some of the common running injuries which could happen to a person are-

Runner's Knee

Runner's knee or patellofemoral syndrome is referred to as a pain in the front knee or around the knee cap. This is a common injury in sports that involves running or jumping. This could be as a result of weakness in the hips or the muscles which are around the area of the knee. It can cause dull pain that could be felt in both knees. The pain could range from mild to very painful stage. The pain could get worse with prolonged exercise. 

It could be treated by a physician after the doctor recommends an X-ray. 

Stress Fracture

This is a small crack in the bone due to overstressing which could pause and discomfort to the person. This could due to overactivity or if the body works too hard before getting used to any new activity. The pain in this injury gets worse with any kind of physical activity and only improves through rest. Rest is important as more stress on the body can further lead to a more serious injury. 

Achilles tendinopathy

This is an inflation of the Achilles tendon. This is the large tendon that attaches the calf back to the heel. It causes pain and stiffness around the same area especially when the activity is being done in the morning. This could be a result of repetitive stress at the same points. This could be a result of adding distance to your running scheduler tight calf muscle. 

Treatment could be done simply by rest, icing the area, and properly starching the calf muscles. 

IT Band

This is the iliotibial band commonly also known as IT Band which is a long connective tissue that runs from the outer hip to knee. This is the particular band of tissue which helps to stabilize the knee when the person is walking or running. This syndrome is caused by the continuous running of the IT band against the leg bone. This could cause sharp pain in the outer area of the legs. The pain often gets worse if you try to bend your knee. The treatment of this syndrome is simply resting. 

With aging, people often move towards running to maintain their health but it must be done with care. Also, one needs to research carefully, compare & buy best health insurance alternative to cover their family financially during hard times.​