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Make Your Car Monsoon Ready

Monsoon is the time when most shopping malls introduce all types of promotional offers to woo the customers. People are ready to hit the water logged roads in their cars in order to grab the best deals available. When you are driving your car or bike during the monsoon, you must take a few precau​​tions in order to be safe. What if your vehicle gets stuck in a pothole during the season? Come monsoon and you must be extra cautious about your car. If you ​do make provisions for the safety of your car, there are chances that you may have to pay a huge sum to repair/maintain your car. The very basic tip to remember is to avoid water logged areas or places that are prone to flooding.

The best way to stay protected during monsoons is to buy online car insurance​. Car insurance policy is a must for every car running on the Indian roads. Simply relying on the online car insurance policy and not paying attention to your car’s basic needs is also not recommended. A car insurance policy takes care of most damages or losses that your car suffers. However, there are some cases where a car insurance policy does not cover you. 

Let’s understand what a car insurance policy covers ​ and what does it leave out.

What is covered?
During monsoons, you may have observed that a speeding car ends up splashing muddy water on all the cars parked on the nearby stationery vehicles. The splashed water gradually enters your car interiors, engine base and AC housing thereby causing damage. The costs required to repair these damages is taken care of by the insurance policy. If your car is old, then you will receive compensation with a deduction of around 30-35%. The difference has to borne by the insurance policy holder.  

If the car remains parked in a flooded area, there are higher chances of the engine getting affected. If you try to ignite the engine, it may further damage the engine. This damage caused by unsuccessful attempts to restart the drenched engine will not be covered by the insurance policy. When you find your car in a flooded area, you must not try to start the engine by yourself. Simply contact the car towing service and they will safely transport your car to a service centre.The towing charges incurred to you are covered by the insurance policy. There are some add-ons which you can buy along with your car insurance policy to get cover in case of such claims.​. There are some add-ons which you can along with your online car insurance policy to get cover in case of such claims.

Tips to minimise the damage during rains
When you enter a lane which is flooded with water levels above your tyre, immediately stop your engine or else the water may enter the engine and cause damage.

When your tyre is visible on a flooded road, you can continue driving safely as there is no possible harm. However, you must drive in the first gear preferably by pressing the accelerator to increase the RPM levels. This will ensure that your silencer is not blocked by water. 

Your vehicle is already parked on a heavily flooded road
Do not try to turn the engine on. Contact your car mechanic or a towing van company so that you car can be transferred to a safer location.​