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List of Inflammatory Foods

While inflammation sometimes can be a good thing. Acute inflammation is generally a sign that the body is protecting you from an invader or healing a wound probably. It is solely like a bump on your knee from the table, and you feel little inflammation around the area for a while, but you soon recover from the pain and everything seem natural. 

Chronic inflammation, however, is something which occurs inside the body and is something which can lead to acute problems from cancer, cardiovascular disease to arthritis and even depression. In these cases, you might be advised by your doctor to adopt a largely plant-based diet and avoid processed refined or sugary food. There has been a lot of research conducted around inflammation and its relation to various foods. Invest in health insurance for better protection. 

What's inflammatory and what isn't?

There are many foods in our diet which can cause inflammation that can cause various types of cardiovascular inflammation. It could be due to sugary drinks, processed meats and refined grains. It is thus the best time to reduce refined grains especially fried grains. Saying that one would never eat these foods is impossible but trying to reduce the intake of these foods and replace with whole grain and a plant-based diet is the ideal choice. In the short following, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with healthy grains and proteins is better for health in comparison to eating processed and refined food. 

Finding the motivation

The fact that plant-based diets are healthier than the processed food diet isn't a discovery, doctors have been recommending it for years. Still unhealthy diets are far more common. You will notice this with the rising number of death due to heart diseases. While eating food in the short run may look like a good option but you must think about your health when focusing on overall results. 

Doctors have been examining patients to find out what is the factor which motivates them towards good food. For example, parents want to stay healthy for their children to see them getting married and enjoy time with their grandchildren when they get old. People are willing to take almost anything for having a healthy life apart from a healthy diet. Following are dominantly plant-based diet, getting regular exercise, being free from stress and getting enough sleep are some ways in which you can ensure a good life for yourself. 

The 4 basic food which has high inflammation rate and can ramp up the risk for heart diseases are 

  • Red Meat
  • Processed Meat
  • Refined Grains
  • Sugar-Sweetened Beverages​
    Long term inflammation in the body affects the blood flow and triggers blood clot that can be a major cause for heart diseases and strokes. Controlling for body mass inside, family history of the heart diseases, daily activity and use of multivitamins can be done for a better lifestyle. While these four food and drinks can be the principal culprits there are other major foods related to inflammation as well. Buy health insurance online to be safe from any emergency you may face.