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Learn to Control Motorcycle Skid to Become a Safe Rider

Learn motorcycle skid control and become a safe rider

The adrenaline rush and freedom one enjoys while riding a bike is unmatched. However, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous if you are unprepared. It is essential to practice and learn proper riding techniques before you take on the streets. Also, if you are a new rider, you should take into account the road conditions while riding your motorcycle. Pay attention to the road and avoid common mistakes if you are riding in a tight space. Apart from all these points, don't forget to wear safety gears which will save you from getting injured in events of skidding.

Skidding occurs when your bike's tyres lose traction on the road surface, and the effect of braking is significantly reduced. It is ideally far better to avoid skidding rather than having to deal with one. However, if the worst happens, and you lose control, you should keep the following points in mind.

Firstly, let's understand the causes of a motorcycle skid-

  • Excessive braking which locks one or both wheels
  • Leaning over too far while cornering which may cause one or both tyres to lose traction
  • Excessive acceleration which causes the rear wheel to spin
  • A sudden change in direction

It is relatively more challenging to control a skid on a bike as compared to that on other four-wheeler vehicles. When your rear wheel starts to skid, release it as it is the best solution at that moment. Following steps will help you save yourself from a bad skidding-

Shift Your Weight

Try to put more weight on the rear wheel as it may reduce the skid. Whereas, if you slide forward, there are chances that you will lose control.

Do Not Clutch

Use the technique called engine braking to decrease the bike's speed along with the brakes. Under a hard-braking situation, refrain from using the clutch and quickly downshift the gear instead. In this case, you will feel jerks, and your bike's speed will reduce eventually.

Look Where You Want To Go

Do not focus on other vehicles, instead look towards the corner's exit, where you want to go. This trick works perfectly if your bike is moving around underneath you. Now, to focus on where you want to be and your subtle body movements will help the bike find its way subsequently.

Do Not Panic

In this kind of dangerous situations, panicking or going blank is not the solution. Try and stay calm and try moving out of harm's way as efficaciously as possible. A relaxed mind will allow you to think better and react better in such situations. Avoid thinking about anything else while riding your bike. Keep your concentration on the road as it will help you in anticipating a danger in advance.

Skidding can be fatal as it can cause harm to both you and your bike. In this situation, a two wheeler insurance policy comes handy. A two-wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against threats like accidents, fire, flood, theft, etc. It is recommended to insure your bike with a comprehensive plan​