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How to avoid Keyless Cars Theft Possibility?

With development and evolution thieves these days are smarter than we can imagine. They are through with the technology and know how to hack as well. They use advanced software to gain access to cars and start the engine. Several techniques are used in modern vehicles that make them more enticing to thieves. There are anti-theft systems that can protect your car from thieves, but you need to be extra cautious. Here's a list of conventional techniques used to steal vehicles having keyless entry systems and keyless start buttons — and how to keep them safe.

Common techniques used to steal cars with keyless entry system-

Signal relaying

Thieves use signal relaying to get into cars with keyless entry system. They use wireless transmitters and place them near the house or in the pocket of the car owner to catch the signal from the fob of the car's system. The second thief/helper standing near the car captures the signal and enters the vehicle. They repeat the process to start the engine.

Signal jamming

Thieves use the device transmitting on the same radio frequency as a remote key fob to muddle the signal and unlock the car. When the car owner presses the key fob to open the vehicle, the command is jammed from reaching the car, and the car remains unlocked.

Close range testing

Some fobs stay connected to the car's system when left in proximity to the vehicle. Thieves look for instances like this and unlock the car.

App hacking

Apps that allow car owners to unlock their car can let snitches do the same thing on their phone if they can log in to the same app as the vehicle's owner. They just need the password, and the car's security is compromised.

How to avoid keyless/automatic car theft

Check if the car is locked properly

After locking the car, ensure that the indicators flash, mirrors fold, and the locks clunk. Double checking the lock won't harm you. Instead, you will be sure that your car is safe.

Block the signal

Find a safe place for your keys. It should be away from the range of the car. By doing so, you are preventing the chances of relay theft at home. Keep the keys in a tin box or a Faraday pouch as it is more efficient in blocking the signal.

Fit old-fashioned locks

Old-school tricks work just fine! Install a steering wheel lock as it will prevent the thief from driving the car away even if he gets to open the car's lock. You can also try to lock your diagnostic port as it will prevent wired computer hacking.

Install a tracker

Installing tracker is essential if your car is expensive. A tracker sends you an alert in case an unusual activity is monitored. You can follow the vehicle via GPS if it gets stolen.

Consider CCTV

Just like trackers, CCTV cameras do not guarantee that your car won't be stolen. Instead, it comes handy to put potential robbers off from lifting your car.

Stay alert

Be observant and report any questionable activity in your neighbourhood to the police.

Out of sight, out of minds

Keep your keyless car stashed away from prying eyes in a latched garage. It is a smart way to make sure your vehicle isn't spotted by opportunistic thieves, lurking the local area.

Any of these preventive measures can or cannot prove to be helpful. Since thieves are smart and have back up plans, it is imperative to secure your car with a car insurance policy. A car insurance policy covers your car against the damages caused due to collisions, theft, fire and so on. Insure your car now, and stay protected!​