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International Spring Festivals Worth Visiting

​While the winter season comes to a close, the entire world is excited about the onset of Spring and the travel opportunities it brings along. Believe it or not, Spring is the best time to travel across the globe with your friends and family. So, if you are planning a break from your monotonous life, why don't you plan a trip to the destinations that host the most exciting and coloful Spring festivals in the world?  

Listed below are some of the popular Spring festivals that you should definitely witness in-person at least once in your lifetime. Do not forget to buy travel insurance before you book all the arrangements, like, flight, hotel, etc., for your trip.

1. Sechseläuten

Sechseläuten is a two-day event or festival in Switzerland, which celebrates the end of winters by burning an effigy of “Böögg" - a giant snowman, which is filled with fireworks and old clothes. As per the traditions, the locals believe that the summer would be warmer and sunnier, depending on how fast the effigy burns.

Plan a trip to Zurich between 5th and 8th April, if you wish to explore the fun of this amazing Spring festival.

2. Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring marks the beginning of tranquility and blooming cherry flowers in Japan. All over Japan, the branches are filled with white and pink flowers. Hence, Spring is a perfect time to plan a picnic time with your family under beautiful trees. While you plan a trip to Japan, make sure you include the top spots for experiencing this Cherry Blossom Festival. Some of these include The Philosopher's Walk, Arashiyama, Maruyama Park, Ueno Park, and Meguro River.

You can explore the best of this festival between late March and early April.

3. Marzanna

This festival is somewhat similar to the Sechseläuten festival celebrated in Switzerland. The major difference is that the polish locals use water, instead of fire to mark the end of winter. Marzanna is basically a doll (considered as Slavic Goddess of death, plague and winter) created by the locals, which is drowned into the river, following a parade on the streets.

Do visit Warsaw in Poland on 21st march to experience this festival.

4. Fallas

Spain is a beautiful travel destination and when you visit it during the Spring festival, Fallas, the excitement doubles by multiple times. Known to be loud and smoky, this week-long festival is celebrated in the memory of St. Joseph. During this festival, the locals and tourists (who want to be a part of the festival) gather on the roads, march in the parade and burn old stuff in a massive bonfire.

This festival is celebrated in Valencia from 1st to 19th of March. So, do plan your trip.

All of these festivals attract a crowd of millions of people. So, being covered by travel insurance is very important to protect yourself from unexpected losses, like loss of luggage or any other mishap. Stay protected and enjoy your fun trip to these destinations and the festivals celebrated there.​