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Important Tech Accessories You Need While Travelling in 2020

​Packing light is necessary, but packing smart is what needs major attention. 

When it comes to travelling, we often forget to stuff our bags with some of the most essential tech accessories that are a must-have in every packing list. Be it a two-week family or a business trip, having the right travel accessories in your bag can save you from various unpredictable hassles on the trip. A travel insurance policy is definitely one of the best ways to stay protected from these uncertainties, but as you know prevention is better than cure, carrying smart travel accessories in your bag is really important.

1. Braided USB cables
If you believe that your USB cable can bear constant coiling, uncoiling, plugging and unplugging, you are certainly wrong. Though some USB cables do serve a longer period of time, the bitter truth is the fact that all of them are going to break one day. So, you must carry some extra USB cables with you, especially the braided ones as they are known to survive a bit longer than the regular ones.

2. Multiport Charger 
The hotel room may be short of power outlets. Therefore, it is ideal to carry multiport chargers that deliver quick charging to multiple devices simultaneously. While choosing the adapter or charger, pay attention to the amp rating and look for one whose minimum output is at least 2.4 amps.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones
As the name suggests, these headphones eliminate all the roar and hum on the road from entering your ear, thereby providing a soothing travelling experience from one place to another. Now, this does not imply that the world around you would be silenced. So, do not expect 100% silence. However, when the low-frequency sounds around you will be reduced, you will definitely find yourself at peace (at least to some extent).

4. Bluetooth Speaker
Travel without music is just so boring. Hence, do not forget to carry a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that gives a powerful punch of sound even by the poolside. The modern Bluetooth Speakers are water-resistant and therefore, a must-have for tech-savvy travelers.

5. Digital Camera 
Smartphone cameras are indeed very powerful these days. But, the quality of mirrorless cameras and DSLR is still higher than that offered by a smartphone. So, if you wish to capture high-quality images, you should definitely invest in a digital camera. No need to look for bulky cameras as these days, one can easily find light, compact and powerful digital cameras across all budgets.

6. iPad 
To avoid carrying bulky laptops, tablets, like an iPad is an essential item to carry in your bag. You can plan your itinerary, watch movies and do a lot of exciting things using just your iPad. In case, you lack the budget of an iPad, any regular tablet will fulfill your purpose.

Last but not the least, do not forget to purchase a hand sanitizer gel to ensure you are protected against all the viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Also, do look for ​travel insurance online to mitigate any losses arising due to medical emergency, missed flight etc. Plan your trip today!