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How to Take Care of Your Electric Car

In an attempt to minimise their carbon footprint, many countries have already shifted towards the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). An EV does not have a petrol or diesel engine. Instead, it is powered by an electric motor and has rechargeable batteries that can be charged using electricity. Many countries have resolved to become carbon-free in the future and EVs play a crucial role in attaining the goal. The day is not far when you will see more EVs on the road as compared to traditional cars.

 In India, EVs are not a popular choice of vehicles among the masses. There could be many reasons for that such as high purchasing cost and low awareness regarding the benefits of using EVs. The general perception is that EVs are high-maintenance vehicles and require a lot of effort to be taken care of, which is not true.

 Tips to take care of an electric car

 The maintenance of an electric car is very different to that of regular petrol or diesel car. Here are some ways to ensure your electric car is always in the best form:

  1. ​ Look after the motor
     One of the most essential elements of maintaining an electric car is the motor. The car's motor may not need the same level of maintenance as traditional petrol or diesel car engine. An electric car has fewer parts to handle and you can manage basic things such as replacing fuel filters or switching out the oil by yourself. However, get the car's motor serviced as you would in a traditional vehicle. Always work with a mechanic who has relevant experience with electric vehicle engines.
    2.  Brake maintenance
     Brakes are an important part of every vehicle. Electric vehicles use regenerative braking. It helps in keeping the brake pads in great condition for a long time. In many cases, you need to replace them less frequently than you would in a traditional vehicle. Do not forget to service the brakes. Plus, avoid driving at high speeds. When you conserve speed, it ensures that the battery lasts longer and prevents slamming the brakes.
    3.  Taking care of the battery
     The months of monsoon can be hard for an electric vehicle ​ and you need to take special care of the car in this period. Humidity can lead to corrosion of the mechanical parts such as the battery connections. It can take a toll on the life and strength of the battery. To prevent this, check the battery regularly and keep the car covered when not in use.
     To make the most of your electric car, you need to understand how you can keep the battery running for as long as possible. When heading out of town for a holiday, you must make sure you have made plans for parking your vehicle. The easiest way is to park the car in the shade. Do not leave it in an uncovered parking lot. It will keep the temperature of the car comfortable and you can avoid the risk of overheating the battery.
     Based on the length of your trip, charge the battery less than 100%. Avoid overcharging the battery. So, even if you leave it plugged there will be no risk of overcharging. Do not fully charge the battery at all times. Overcharging can cause a lot of problems to the car. The best way is not to wear down the battery prematurely and charge it up to 80%. You can also have someone to handle the charging while you are away. It will help protect the battery life.
     It is also advisable to leave the car with minimal or no charge for some time, but not more than 15 days at a stretch. Also, remember, if you are charging the battery outside the usual spot, it would require more time than usual.
     4.  Use a certified charger
    You should preferably use the original charger that has come with the car. It has the right protective layers and covering shields that make it ideal for use. It will help prevent sparks, short circuits or loss.
    While you focus on the electric bits of the car, do not forget the cabin. It is as important as the other parts of the car. Clean it from time to time and ensure that it is dry and well maintained.
     Whether you have an electric car or a traditional car, you need to follow the basic rules of maintenance for your vehicle's good health. Rotate the tyres and check the coolant level in the car frequently. Ensure there is enough coolant at all times so that everything works in order. Replace the wiper blades of the car two times a year and keep the weather and driving conditions in mind when you take your car out.
    There are some things that you do not need to worry about when driving an electric vehicle. These are spark plugs or oil changes. But, this does not mean that you never pay attention to the maintenance of the car. It will need regular maintenance to function well. Make sure to follow the basic car care tips and if you suspect any issues in the vehicle, you need to take it to a mechanic right away.
    Do not hand over your electric car to a traditional car mechanic. An electric vehicle needs the knowledge and expertise of a trained electric car mechanic for foolproof service and repair work.
    Getting insurance cover for your car is just as important. Do not forget to buy third-party car insurance for the safety and protection of your car.
    Irrespective of your car type, remember to buy car insurance before you hit the road. It is mandatory in India to own third-party insurance and if you do not have one, it can put you at risk.
    You should remember to renew car insurance on time to remain covered under the policy. If you fail to renew it, the insurance company will not accept a claim in case of an accident.
    Electric vehicles are expensive. So, if you decide to spend a substantial amount of money on buying an EV, you should also make up your mind to spend a little more to take proper care of the car. With a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will be able to stay protected in case of an accident or third-party liability.
    You can add riders to the insurance cover to increase the coverage and enjoy complete protection. In case of an accident, natural calamity, or damages to the car, you will not have to incur huge expenses out of your pocket as the insurance company will pay for the same.
    Keep the car maintenance tips in mind before purchasing the stylish new electric car. Also, get your car insured to avoid any hassles in case of an unfortunate event. Plus, a well-maintained car offers excellent performance and driving experience.