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How to Ride a Motorcycle with Sidecar in India?

​“Ye Dosti hum nahi todenge" the iconic song from the blockbuster movie “Sholay" is not only famous for its actors in the song, but also the iconic motorcycle with the sidecar. Adding a sidecar to your bike not only gives it a distinct look but also increases your bike's versatility. It also allows you to accommodate more people or extra cargo while on the go. People also consider getting a sidecar for their motorcycle as it makes the ride more stable. The idea seems quite appealing to many, but you need to have a different set of skills to have a safe ride on a bike with sidecar. Here are a few tips for riding a motorcycle with a sidecar-

Try to go in a straight line

It is difficult to travel on the sidecar in a straight line as it has three wheels sitting on odd planes. For having a safe ride, keep both your hands on the bars and make an effort to track on a straight line. Have a clear mind and look far away to the place to want to go as it will help you move ahead properly. This can, however, result in soar arms as you'll have to pull the handlebars constantly.

Steer with the throttle

When you mount the sidecar on the right side of the motorcycle, the handling becomes totally different depending on which side you're turning. Want to take a left turn? Close the throttle as it allows the rear wheel to spin slower than the sidecars, thereby offering a wider circle for better control. On the other hand, when you want to steer right, open the throttle. By doing this, you are lifting the rear and tilting the entire contraption down towards the front right.

Use the brakes

The front brake of the sidecar is operated through the right-hand lever, whereas the rear brakes work through the right foot lever. In case the sidecar has two brakes. Don't worry! Use the regular front and rear brakes for the stopping purpose. However, just use the front brake to stop in case of emergency as the front brake provides most of the stopping power.

Two-wheel drive

You will only need the two-wheel-drive to get you unstuck in times of emergency. You should not leave the 2WD engaged on pavement or other firm surfaces as the differential locks in 2WD forces the wheels to spin at the same speed. This can lead to hazardous imbalance in high-traction situations.

Sound complex? It is, but if you practice riding with a sidecar, you'll be able to hustle around easily. Don't wonder about the time it'll take you to learn to ride. Just keep practicing, and you will excel in the art in no time.

Also, keep in mind that it is mandatory to insure your two wheeler vehicles with a two wheeler insurance policy. The compulsion was rolled out by the government of India. One has to pay a hefty fine if caught riding without a valid two wheeler insurance policy​.​