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How To Reduce Pollution Levels From Your Vehicle?

​Your personal transportation choices have a huge impact on air quality. What you drive and how you drive impacts the environment. Vehicles give off more than half of all hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions in Minnesota. These emissions include microscopic particles that can contribute to heart problems and breathing along with an elevated risk of cancer. 

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency works with the Environmental Protection Agency to impose air quality standards, and decrease vehicle pollution. The MPCA encourages fuels, technologies, and driving habits that reduce fuel consumption and emissions for consumers and fleet operators. 

Following are the ways in which you can help make your car a little environment friendly –

Use a cleansing agent

With the passing time, harmful deposits are starting to accumulate in a car’s engine, leading to increased emissions and decreased efficiency. Adding a cleansing agent in the fuel systems assist in removing the deposit build-up and bring down emissions. Not that it is good to invest in high-quality fuel containing these cleaning additives. 

Before you take out your car for a spin, ensure you are adding the cleansing agents into the tank. The fuel cleaner and exhaust should be used every two months for great efficiency. 

Use better (alternative) fuels

At a petrol pump, you may have noticed fuel booths that are labeled premium or super. These are two fuel options that are cleaner substitutes for the regular gasoline or diesel. Thinking about whether these expensive alternatives are worth your investment? Indeed they are, considering they come with active purifying agents that assist to check engine dirt and deposits, thereby bettering fuel economy and limiting emissions. Just as car insurance, better fuels are also important for your car. 

Replace the oil periodically

It is the engine oil that makes your vehicle moving- lubricating it and preventing any tear and wear. Therefore, it makes sense to change the oil at periodic intervals to make sure your car performs perfectly. Driving efficiently and smart is the key here. 

Determine the manufacturer’s handbook and maintenance schedule, it will assist you to stay on top of the suggested service intervals. Also, check the level of engine oil between every servicing session and make sure to follow the guidelines. Only use oil that is suggested by the manufacturer. Apart from this, if you want an extra layer of protection then buy bike insurance.  

Attend to the air filter

With time, the air filter gathers dirt, something that clogs it and leads to many maintenance-related issues. Think about your car’s air filter to be the lungs of the engine. If the engine does not breathe perfectly, deposits causing premature depreciation will start to accumulate. 
Ensure you stick to the servicing sessions that the manufacturer has suggested. However, if you live in a dusty and dry environment, you might have to replace the filters more randomly. 

Not only taking precautions is essential for preventing air pollution, but buying car insurance​ is also important as per the laws, or else you will be charged by heavy fine or imprisonment. So, if you own a vehicle then consider all the above mentioned points.