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How to Pass Time at Airport While Waiting for your Flight?

You have arrived at the airport with your luggage, and you are all excited about the vacation. But, you get the news that your flight got delayed with several hours due to some reason. Maddening! Right? All the excitement starts to fade away, and you start feeling annoyed. You have no idea how to keep yourself engaged within the confines of an airport. The constant noise and chaos is disturbing, yet you don't want to get bored and enjoy your delayed stay. 

Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep yourself busy and entertained until the flight takes off. If you look closely, you will see that an airport is a giant fair with several scopes of entertainment. Therefore, wait patiently and explore the corners of the airport before you land on your destination. Forget the busy world behind and get into the "vacay mode." Here are a few ways you can occupy yourself at airports while waiting for your flight-

1. Show off your photography skills

In case you love photography, you can get some cool pictures of aircraft and props at the airport. You can even click candid photographs and portraits of people around you. To get started, put away your hesitation and start enjoying while you click terrific pictures.

2.  Window shop at the kiosks/ Buy from duty-free

You can get really cheap deals at the duty-free departments at the airport. From clothes to wine to chocolates- you name it! However, several shops are overpriced, but if you don't have any other option, you might pass your time exploring varieties of goodies. It's even a good way to keep yourself active and complete those pending step counts.

3. Use the free WiFi

Don't want to walk around? We still have a solution for you! Most airports around the world have free WiFi. Turn your WiFi on, and you are watching your favourite web series. Sometimes, good things in life come free! However, refrain from accessing your bank accounts or anything sensitive on a public WiFi network.

4. Talk to people

An airport is a mini world with people from different locations sitting together at a place. It is also an excellent place to socialize and make a few friends. Don't just barge into people. Start a conversation and learn about their country and community.

5. Observe

Don't like interacting with people. You can observe them- no interaction, no inflow of information, just pure observation. There are different kinds of people at the airport. If you are an artist, then your observation can come handy in writing articles or mimicking them.

6. Take a selfie

Click! One for every social handle. You might just want to click some selfies at the airport and upload them on Instagram using the free Wi-Fi. Show people that you are on a vacation you are excited about your destination!

7. Doze off!

If none of the above options attract you because you are too lazy or too tired, then you might catch a few winks. All you need to do is find a seat at a corner, put on your favourite music, set the alarm, and there you are- drooling while snoozing!

We hope these options help you while you feel stuck at an airport. However, keep in mind that you can even miss your connecting flight in case your flight gets delayed. Hence, it is recommended to insure your trip with a travel insurance plan. A travel insurance policy covers unanticipated instances like a delayed flight, lost checked-in baggage, and much more. Get one now! Happy travelling.​