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How To Obtain A Temporary Registration Number For Your Vehicle?

​Buying a new car is a long-cherished desire for many people in India. It brings a lot of happiness to the families. While you buy car insurance online in a hassle-free way, another important step is to obtain a temporary registration number for your vehicle to drive without facing any fine on the road. In case you are not able to present any of these when stopped by a traffic police person, you can be charged heavily. 

Getting a permanent registration number takes times and before that, you need to get a temporary registration number from your dealer. This unique number is necessary before you leave the showroom and is valid for one month from the date of purchase. In this period you need to get your car registered with the RTO and get a permanent registration number as on as possible. 

Steps to follow to get a temporary registration number 

  • Apply for temporary registration number through Form 20 at the place you are getting your vehicle from
  • After filing the form with required details submit it to RTO to get the temporary number
  • Present the copy of the necessary documents to get a temporary number
  • Pay the taxes and fees as specified ​

    Documents required for temporary registration


    Filled application form 20 

    Roadworthiness certificate in form 22: This complies that your vehicle meets the safety standards and is safe to be driven on public roads. The key system of the vehicle is checked to ensure that they are working correctly.

    Sales Certificate:

    This has to be issued to the buyer by the manufacturer or the dealer. It contains all the necessary details such as model number, invoice amount, year of manufacturing etc.

    Insurance certificate:

    You will need to present a valid insurance policy for your vehicle on your name. It must have an effective date, policy number and other small details which are crucial. 


    Address proof:

    Any address proof in the form of aadhaar card, passport, utility bill has to be submitted.

    Pollution under Control Certificate:

    A PUC certificate is issued by the government certifying that emission levels of the vehicle follow the standard norms and meet the safety standards. It must have all the necessary details and the date when the test was done.

    Copy of Pan Card or Form 60 or 61 

    in case the buyer does not have a pan card
    The temporary number is valid for one month however you can apply for its extension maximum two times. The process to do the same is specified below. 
    Specify the reason for the extension. Also, the period for the extension is required is to be specified. 
    If you have already applied for an extension once and you are re-applying there will be a penalty according to the motor vehicle act. 
    Pay the necessary fee for tax and extension as specified. 
    With getting the registration number buy bike insurance online which will make the process easier and will also safeguard you in case of an accident.