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How To Maintain Good Posture? What Are The Benefits?

​Our posture affects our body in more ways than we think of. It not only affects us physically but has a long last effect on our self-confidence and mental health as well. When one considers their health, exercise and diet are two important key factors. We eat good food, sweat in the gym or at home for better health but the basic approach for wellness is the posture we carry. People generally don’t but taking the effort to put your time into improving the posture pays off. 

In theory, the working of the body is connected with the posture and it is necessary to pay attention to it. While people do a lot about their health like getting a health insurance policy, improving this basic thing is also necessary. Here are the benefits of having a good posture:


The posture is the primary reflection of one’s confidence. It is often recommended to keep your shoulders high and voice bold while an interview. This is because posture does leave an impact on the person who is perceiving you. Today we judge the competency by the posture. Not only it leaves san impact on the other but when people see you as a confident person it will boost your confidence. Posture can help you feel more confident about your abilities.


Results have clearly shown that poor posture affects your breathing. With good posture, one can breathe deeply and fill their lungs with air. The slouched position shortens the muscles in the front and thus decreases the reduced ability to breathe fully. More breathing regularly means more supply of oxygen to the body which will be any day helpful for the body.  

Back pain relief

Back pain is growing as a devastating problem not only in adults but in youth as well. Sitting or standing in the slouched position for a longer period puts stress on the back and thus can cause pain. Proper postures help keep the bones, joints, ligaments in the properly aligned position which can prevent the back pain. 

Increases thinking ability

Breathing properly increases the thinking ability too. It is seen that the mind works more efficiently and clearly with good posture. More air means more oxygen which means more brain food which leads to better thoughts and ideas. 

Better Digestion

Poor pressure compresses everything in the trunk including the stomachs and the intestines. With bad posture, the food is not broken properly by the digestive enzymes. The diaphragm does have a role in digestion and thus it’s movement in the bad shape due to bad posture affects the digestion ability. This could sometimes lead to obesity and constipation as well.

Proper posture is thus essential for wellbeing of the body. The good news is that by paying attention to the posture specifically and including this as a daily habit you’ll soon see the changes in your walking and sitting position and it may lift your mood. 
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