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How To Keep your Daily Fitness Routine Exciting?

​Working out is BLISS! We have all been motivated to exercise and keep our body in shape at some point in our lives. Alas! Many of us don't stick with the plan and get bored. We tend to come up with clever excuses as to why we cannot workout.

It is a common thought that only people who are out of shape lose motivation and stop working out. But, that's not quite the truth. Even workout buffs lose motivation. What keeps them up and running is several tricks that keep their workout routine exciting all the time.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your workout exciting and prevent boredom. You can use these same tricks to exercise without fail.

1. Find a workout partner

There are several benefits of having a workout buddy at the gym. Having them around keeps you accountable and you less likely blow off your workout. If you exercise at home, there are chances you feel less motivated and hence get bored often. It's the time to go all out and get fit. Also, a fitter partner motivates you to train harder. You work out longer at a more intense pace—which equals a more significant calorie burn.

2. Change your workout routine

Doing the same thing repeatedly makes it monotonous. The same is right in the case of your workout routine. To keep things exciting, you should mix things up by adding new forms of exercise to your routine. A study confirmed that people who add diversity to their workout routine get better results and don't get bored as well. Try something new as it is virtually impossible to run out of a new form of exercises to perform.

3. Add intervals

Sick of the same old cardio routine? Shake things up a little. Add high-intensity intervals to your cardio workout. HIIT or High-intensity interval training involves alternate, intense movements followed by brief recovery periods. It boosts metabolism and helps you in shedding a lot of calories effectively.

4. Play sports

Don't want to workout at all? It's okay! Indulge in your favourite sports or form of dancing to get in shape while having fun. Sports like tennis and cricket give you full body workout.

Don't prohibit yourself if you are not a sportsperson; it's never too late to learn something new.

5. Try a new piece of equipment

Use the equipment you have never used before. Get acquainted with the overlooked cardio machines, such as Rowing Machine and Stair Climber. They burn mega-calories while toning different sets of muscles at the same time. Also, you don't have to invest a fortune to get expensive machines to avoid workout boredom. You can even use a resistance band or a BOSU ball to break the monotony.

6. Make it fun

Workouts don't have to be a chore! Just find an activity you really enjoy, and you will never feel overwhelmed. Try new exercise forms like kickboxing, yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, jump roping, hula hooping, —the sky's the limit! If you are breaking a sweat, its good job is done. You don't have to make your workout sessions strenuous- just dancing in your apartment to your favourite tunes will also do!

7. Sign up for a workout Bootcamp

Get out of the workout rut- sign up for a group exercise class! Bootcamp, barre, yoga, kickboxing, and group classes are a great way to add some variety and fun to your workout routine. Plus, the group members offer extra motivation.

Now, that you know several ways of keeping yourself motivated, it's time to become your best version ever! Life is unpredictable, and things can go haywire. We advise you to get a health insurance policy to keep yourself protected against the wrath of medical inflation. A health insurance​​ policy offers benefits like cashless hospitalization, reimbursement, pre and post hospitalization expenses, and numerous other add-on features.