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How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh?

Keeping your car clean is not just about the way it looks from inside and outside, but it is also about the way it smells. You don't want your car to smell bad and we are here to help you. Given below are some of the tips by which you can make sure that your car smells good.

Clean air vents

One of the most common causes of a bad smell in your car is dirty air vents. The air starts smelling bad when an accumulation of dirt and germs takes place in air vents. You should clean the air vent by using a cotton swab or thin sponge.

Coffee Beans

The smell of coffee beans is so energizing, and you can use it as a car freshener. You can use it by putting some beans in a soc, a small mesh bag, or even a small paper bag. These beans can absorb bad smells. You don't need to buy a freshener from the market when you can make one at home. You can leave these bags under the seat. However, you should change it once every week, so that it keeps maintaining the good smell.

Use Essential Oils

It is the misconception of many people that essential oils are costly. You only need a few drops of it, and it can last for several days. You can put essential oil in the diffuser for instant car aromatherapy or you can use cotton balls and put a few drops of essential oils in it. Some people feel dizzy in the car or they have car sickness. You can help them by using peppermint essential oil.

Scented Candles

Scented Candle is another affordable and easy way to keep your car smelling fresh. When you will go to the market, you will find several types of scented candles that come with several fragrances. You should put this scented candle inside a pepper shaker and leave it under the seats. When your car is exposed to the sun, the wax inside the pepper shaker will melt and through the holes, the aroma of scented wax will be diffused in the car. So, whenever you will come back in your car, it will smell fresh.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has several benefits and being a natural deodorizer, it is great for cars as well. All you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda on the car seats, floor, and mats of the car. You should then leave them for a few hours and use a vacuum to clean it. Doing this will not only remove the bad odour, but it will also remove the dirt that is stuck on the upholstery. You can make air freshener at home with the help of baking soda and essential oils.

With the help of the things mentioned above, you can remove the bad odour from your car. You can remove the bad odour with the help of the above-mentioned things, but you can't be sure what the future holds for you. That is why you should buy a car insurance policy to keep your car protected financially. You can also renew car insurance once its policy tenure ends. ‚Äč