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How to get an international driving permit?

​As you would be aware, it is important to hold a valid driving licence to be able to ride a two-wheeler or drive a car on Indian roads. This is in addition to purchasing car insurance.

If you are caught riding or driving a vehicle without a driving licence, you will be penalised by the authorities. Just the way it is important to have an Indian driving licence to drive or ride in India, you will need an international driving permit (IDP) to do so in a foreign country. This is needed over and above bike or car insurance depending on the country you are in.

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International Driving Permit: A Brief

If you are applying for an International Driving Licence (IDL) in India, you have to approach the Indian Road Transport authorities. Armed with this legal document and car insurance, you can drive both two-wheelers and four-wheelers when abroad.

An international driving permit can be described as an official translation of the driver's licence whereby documents are translated into languages that can be understood by international authorities.

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Steps to Apply for an International Driving License in India

Similar to purchasing car insurance online, you can apply for an IDP in India online. You can visit the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and follow the given instructions. Alternatively, you can approach the relevant RTO.

  • As your first step, you have to fill out both Form 4A and Form 1A. Form 4A certifies that you are a competent rider. On the other hand, Form 1A is a declaration of your medical fitness to ride.

  • The next step entails divulging details of your residential proof, identity proof, and driving licence.

  • Subsequently, you should submit all the mandatory documents along with the filled-in forms.

  • Proceed by taking the driving test.

  • Follow up by making the stipulated payment.

After you complete the above-listed formalities successfully, you will receive your IDL within five days.

Like buying car insurance online, the online process of applying for an IDP is far easier and faster as compared to the offline route. If you are going offline way, you should visit the respective RTO centre. Fill out the forms, submit the necessary documents, and pay the charges. Thereafter, the RTO translates your Indian driving licence into an international driving permit.

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Eligibility Norms for Applying for an International Driving Licence

The eligibility norms to apply for an IDL include:

  • The applicant has to be an Indian citizen and above 18 years of age

  • He/she must secure a valid Indian driving licence

  • He/she should have a valid passport and visa

Documents Needed for Applying for an International Driving Licence

The documents needed to apply for an International Driving Licence in India include:

  • Forms 4A and 1A duly filled

  • Valid driver's licence

  • A valid passport and valid visa documents

  • Copies of air tickets for verification purposes

  • Application fee

  • Passport-sized photos

  • Proof certifying your Indian citizenship

  • Age proof and address proof

Now let's move on to know the process of renewing your International Driving Licence in India.

Steps to Renew International Driving Licence in India

Unlike earlier, now you can renew your IDP easily thanks to an amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act. It is as easy as purchasing car insurance online.

Also, an IDP is valid for one year from the date of its issuance. To renew your IDP, you have to visit the MoRTH's official website and follow these steps:

  • The first step is to download and fill out the miscellaneous application form that is available via the respective Indian Embassy websites.

  • You have to also submit the below-listed documents:

  • Your valid passport and visa status, along with their copies

  • Original IDP and valid driving licence

  • Residence proof (State Identity Card, Mortgage Deed, Lease Agreements, and Utility Bill are valid in this regard)

  • Passport-sized photos as per requirement

  • Besides the mandatory documents and forms, you have to pay the IDP renewal fee, as applicable. The embassy issues a payment receipt and certificate of identification, thereafter,

  • Proceed by visiting the official website of the MoRTH and uploading all the embassy documents

After completing these formalities, the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways re-issues and delivers your renewed IDL to your postal address.

The MoRTH authorities entertain all other queries regarding the re-issuance of your driving permit abroad too. In all, increasing the validity of your IDL by another year is now easy.

Besides getting all your IDL paperwork in order, you must not forget to renew your car insurance policy every year. Choose among a range of car insurance online options and always be on the safe side.

Benefits of Having an International Driving Permit

Some of the many benefits of an international driving licence are:

  • Works as an identity proof

  • Makes it possible to rent and drive a car on foreign roads

  • Helps to claim insurance for accidents abroad

Why Purchase International Travel Insurance?

In addition to your IDL, you should also purchase travel and car insurance as a safety measure. Also, purchasing travel and car insurance online are effortless now.

Here are the different reasons to get travel insurance cover:

  • Provides coverage for medical emergencies

  • Reimburses for cancelled tickets and travel plans in cases of injuries, sickness, and other unwarranted circumstances

  • Covers for baggage delays and loss

  • Comes with the benefit of personal liability bond which includes any emergencies arising during your driving expeditions

  • Offers round-the-clock assistance


So, you now know how to obtain and renew your International Driving Licence in India. Also, we have studied the importance of buying travel and car insurance. More so, you must remember to compare insurance plans before buying travel and car insurance online.

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