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How to Clean and Sanitize All Types of Masks?

​There has been a recommendation for the use of non-clinical masks by many professionals during this pandemic. These masks if used in the right way with proper sanitization could go long way and could prove to be highly preventive against the coronavirus. Wearing a mask is not the only important thing but wearing it the right way with proper cleaning is what matters. 

Experts have highly recommended the use of a mask as they act as a barrier between the virus and your body. However, a mask which is already contaminated is of no use and is also a cause of spreading the virus. 

How many face masks does one need?

The best idea is to have at least 2 masks, this would allow you to have at least one extra mask even if another is in wash. The ideal way is to stay at home at all times and only go outside in the cases of emergency. Even if you are going outside it is necessary to wear a mask at all times. 

When is it safe to take a mask-off?

Keep your mask on at all public places, you can remove it for some time just for the sake of catching breath when you are away from others or going home in your car. It is best to put the mask directly into the laundry when you come home. 

The best way to take off the mask

  1. Wash your hands first with a sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. 
  2. Don't touch the front of the mask.
  3. Use the ear loops or remove the mask carefully. For masks which are tied, untie the bottom ones first and the top ones. 
  4. Then clean your hands again.​

How to clean a face mask?

  • Bandanas, fabric masks, cotton masks, and any mask made of cloth could be directly put into the laundry and could be cleaned with warm water.​
  • Blue surgical masks also called disposable masks are not washable and thus must be disposed of after 3-4 uses or must be disposed of when visibly soiled. 
  • One must use non-scented laundry detergent while washing a mask if they are allergic to certain smells or perfumes and also a mask must be dried at the highest dryer setting. 
  • A mask could also be washed with hands in warm water with the soap solution and must be dried in warmth or dryer. It should be properly washed for at least 30 times. 
  • Store all the clean masks at a clean place away from normal touches and any kind of infection. 

  • ​​Face Shields

    Face shields are a kind of different protective tool on their own. They cover the person from the front but does not protect from cough and sneezes from the back as it is open from the sides. The cleaning of face shields should also be done regularly and in a similar way. 
    Thus, the bottom line is that a face mask is an important tool in the protection from the COIVID-19 virus and these masks must be cleaned and discarded after suitable use. These masks must be sanitized properly. 
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