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How Teenagers can Reduce Stress With Mind Exercises

​The teenagers of this era are overburdened with immense competition, social standards, peer pressure, family expectations, academic performance, and whatnot. These youngsters have been exposed to social trauma way before they can handle it. It is quite understandable why today teenagers report more mental health issues than adults globally.

Teenagers should understand the importance of managing mental health and try to deal with stress effectively.

Here we have some great nifty tips for you to reduce stress using mind exercises!​


Meditation is essentially the practice of gaining control over your mind and training it to increase focus, attention, and productivity. It depends on the individual how long do they want to meditate, but it should be consistent nonetheless. This method takes a lot of practice and consciousness but has unparalleled benefits on the mind and body alike.

To the young, hip, and quirky teenagers it may seem very cliche and boring. However, once you get the hang of it, you will notice the tangible difference it makes in your mental health. You can practice meditation on your own, use mindfulness applications on your smartphone, or connect with a coach. The key is to take your own sweet time and let your mind settle in one place. ​

Once you master the art of meditation, you will notice your attention span increasing, you will be able to focus better, you will be able to accomplish more tasks with accuracy in lesser time, and it will all result in a healthier and happier mind.


The age-old practice of yoga combines exercising both mind and body. It is an all-encompassing meditative method that allows you to achieve better health in every aspect. Follow an online tutorial or join a yoga class to learn the basics of this indigenous exercise. Take your time to get a hold of the techniques, postures, breathing patterns, and chronology. These are the key elements that will ensure a healthier mind and body for you. Practice the asanas every day for a fixed duration and observe the reducing stress levels and a fresher mind.

Catch a Break

It might not sound much like a mind-exercise but it is essential for opening up your mind and rejuvenating it for the upcoming tasks.

Amid your busy schedule, take some time off of your books and smartphones or PCs and invest it in a hobby or simply get some fresh air outdoors. If possible, plan a family vacation to change your atmosphere for a bit. Whatever acts as a healthy outlet for you and helps to de-stress, practice it at regular intervals. It will definitely be helpful for your mental health.

Nowadays mental health has become very vulnerable to stress and anxiety. The intensity at which teenagers react to excessive stress levels is very disturbing. Help anyone in need to practice these simple mind exercises and keep the mind fit. Also, make sure that your teenage child is covered under a health insurance policy to have financial support in times of emergencies and medical treatments.​