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How Excess Caffeine Is Unhealthy For You

​Caffeine in the form of tea or coffee is very important for some people to start their day. While it's a great way to kick start your day, there are a number of cases where people become too habituated to it and lose control of how much daily caffeine intake they do. There are a number of problems that excessive tea or coffee can cause.

  1. Increased Urination Pressure: 

    Not many people are aware of the fact that too much caffeine impacts urination pressure and frequency. People who tend to consume more than 450 mg of caffeine in a day are known to have higher risk of incontinence than those consuming less than 150mg daily.

  2. Increased Fatigue: 

    The fact that tea and coffee are a great way to boost your energy level is their greatest advantage but it is also its greatest problem. Once the effect wears off, the natural fatigue level hits much harder and the more caffeine is consumed, the worse if fatigue once it wears off.

  3. Increased Heart Rate: 

    Since tea and coffee have a great stimulatory effect on your body, it also leads to a temporary increase in heart rate but if too much team or coffee is consumed, it will lead to a condition where average heart rate may rise up leading to heart problems. This is one reason when you buy health insurance online; sometimes they may ask you about your tea coffee consumption levels.

  4. Increased Blood Pressure:

    As discussed earlier, if your heart beats at a faster rate it may lead to many heart problems and especially if you take your morning brew and then go out to exercise, it may lead to a significantly increased risk of chronic high blood pressure.

  5. Increased Caffeine Habituation: 

    Consuming too much of tea or coffee is habit forming. The big problem is that the more you consume caffeine, the lesser effect it has which means that in order to get results, you have to increase your caffeine intake overtime. If you do not get tea or coffee in time, you may also experience withdrawal symptoms. This is another facto that you may be asked to declare in some health insurance policy forms.

  6. Increased risk of Muscle Breakdown:

     While an exceedingly rare scenario, there may be cases of muscle breakdown or Rhabdomyolys is which may be found in people who are known to be involved in excessive consumption of caffeine. It is best that daily caffeine intake be kept lower than 250 mg just to be safe from such problems.

  7. Increased Digestion Problems:

    There are a number of known cases of laxative effects of caffeine which means that if you drink too much of tea or coffee, you are putting your digestive system through avoidable and unnecessary risk. There have been cases of excessive coffee consumption leading to GERD problems.

  8. Increased Levels of Insomnia: 

    Morning cuppa is good for you to start your day but do not drink tea or coffee a few hours before you are about to go to bed. Many health insurance policy sellers and medical consulting firms tell that they have noticed many people who have sleeping problems develop a lot of other health issues. A long and deep night's sleep can help improve health level of every person.

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