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How Does Visa on Arrival Work?

​Traveling is something that everyone wants to do in their lifetime. We all have some dream destinations in our mind where we want to visit someday. Exploring the beauty of the nature and advancement of mankind has its own joy. One can find themselves while traveling and it also helps in reducing stress level. So, all in all, traveling is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. There are certain things that you should know about traveling. Things like packing essential things, do thorough research about the place you are visiting, learn a few common gestures in that language, buy travel insurance​, etc. One thing that is also related to traveling is Visa. There are different types of visas. Today we are going to talk about Visa on Arrival. 

What Is Visa On Arrival?

As you all know that you need a visa to travel from one country to another. Usually, you have to apply for a visa before traveling to another country. But you can enjoy the perks of visas on arrival in some countries. You can apply for a visa when you reach that country. The number of countries for which you can get a visa on arrival depends on the passport of the nationality you are traveling with. 

U.S citizens can get a visa on arrival in 174 countries, whereas a UK citizen can get a visa on arrival in more than 185 countries. This number rises to 189 when a person is traveling with a Canadian passport. If you will talk about Indian passport, then you can get a visa on arrival in 58 countries. Some of the countries are Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Macau, Maldives, Mauritius, Kenya, and 48 others. The Indian passport is at 64th rank when it comes to the world's strongest passport. Whereas the Japanese passport tops the table. 

Visa on arrival is only applicable when you are traveling to the country as a tourist. If you are going to study or for work, then you have to apply for a student visa and work visa respectively. You can’t get a visa on arrival. You should also know that visa on arrival for Indian tourists is only valid for 15 days. 

Documents Required To Get Visa On Arrival

When you will go to these 58 countries, you can only get a visa on arrival if you provide officials with the proper documents. Given below are some of the important documents that you must carry if you want visa on arrival: 

  • ​A valid passport
  • Return tickets
  • Confirmation of hotel 
  • Proof of bank balance 

  • There can be a change in the requirement of the documents. It varies from country to country, so it advisable to do thorough research before packing your bag. As it will give you an idea of what are the essential documents that you need to keep handy to get a visa on arrival.  

    So, now you must be familiar with how visa on arrival works. Take the information mentioned in the abstract above and apply it on your next trip. Keep your insurer's contact information handy to get travel insurance claims at any time.