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How does Running Benefit You?

Everybody knows that running is a great way to keep your body in shape and tune. It is a good solution for many respiratory diseases and results in a sound mind and body. Becoming a regular runner completely changes your life. It can benefit almost all the parts of the body and also is known to increase the feeling of satisfaction and lifts mood. There’s a reason it is called the best exercise. Running could be seen as an add-on to your health plan. 

Things to keep in mind before you start the run

  1. Eat at least an hour before you go for a run
  2. It is common to have stomach pain if one runs just after eating. 
  3. Carry the music you are comfortable with
  4. The beats help you in maintaining a steady pace as well as relaxes the mind. 
  5. Choose good track
  6. A good track is necessary for running as it helps in maintaining a steady pace. Otherwise, you may get an injury. 
  7. Wear good shoes
  8. This is a crucial tip for running if one wants to get the benefit from running. With wrong shoes, one might end up injuring themselves. 
  9. Do warm up before running
  10. Warm-up is necessary as it prepares not only the body but the mind for the physical activity that is about to be done. Warm-up prepares the muscles and prevents any kind of cramp to the body. 
  11. Stay Hydrated
  12. Hydration plays an important role to cope with the stress building during the running. Hence, make sure you well hydrated before you set out for a run.​​

Benefits of Running


One of the most common benefits of running is that it lifts your overall health. The reason it is known as the additional support to your health plan is simply that running keeps your body well in shape.

Prevents from Diseases

It is known that running lowers the risk of health cancer in women. It also reduces the chances of having a stroke and keeps the heart-healthy. The pumping is balanced due to regular running. Even doctor recommend running to the people who are in an earlier stage of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. The body maintains the elasticity it has. 


Regular running also balances the weight of the body and helps you in maintaining a consistent weight. Running burns many calories and is a good solution for many diseases that are linked to obesity. 


Running is known to induce satisfaction in a person's brains by some hormonal changes. By setting and achieving goals regularly self-esteem and confidence are boosted. This gives a sense of empowerment and keeps the person happier. 


Running is known to be the biggest stress buster. When stress is killing your sleep and in turn your mood and quality of the day, running helps you achieve good sleep and thus solves many problems that revolve around it. 


This is one of those benefits of running which is hard to believe. It improves back and knees pain when done properly. It also helps in maintaining a good posture of the body and thus is recommended for old people as well. 

So now that you know what the benefits of running are and things you should know to kickstart, go ahead and start your fitness journey. Also, do not forget to get a health insurance plan in place to cover for any treatment or hospitalization expenses. You can purchase health insurance online​ very conveniently now without stepping out of your house.