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How Being Happy Affects Your Health?

Many studies have proven that there is a direct relationship between being happy and being healthy. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you must also learn how to live a happy lifestyle. This is whey almost all health experts and lifestyle experts recommend that you need to get rid of all the negative energy and feelings of sadness as the first step to healing any health problem as well. Here are some of the factors which show how happiness is a direct contributor to good health.

Happiness reduce stress related health issues.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to different kinds of health issues these days. The highly competitive modern lifestyle leads to people living a very fast life. If you are running around all day from work to home to somewhere else, if you are always worried about your own future and the future of your family, if you are always worried about keeping up with the Jonses, you are a classic case of stress induced health issues. Pick up any health insurance brochure and you will find that stress related medical conditions are one of the biggest areas of health concern and their only treatment is to learn how to remain healthy.

Happiness strengthens your body’s immunity.

In 2003, and experiment was conducted where test subjects were exposed to common cold. Before they ran the test, the people were surveyed for their happiness level. Similar surveys were also conducted after the experiment was done. The study showed that people who showed greater signs of happiness in the pre-experiment surveys had lesser risk of developing cold and their immunity was generally stronger. The level of happiness in the mind makes all bodily organs and functions perform at a better and faster level.

Happiness contributes to a stronger heart.

A study in Canada was undertaken to study about 2000 people who were questioned about their work related anger and stress and overall feelings in life. Depending upon the the level of emotions expressed by every participant, they were given a grade on a scale of five. In later studies and surveys it was found that if the happiness level of a person was higher by just one level on the rating scale, they were 22% less susceptible to health issues related to heart. As mentioned earlier most healthexperts also reveal that happiness leads to lower stress levels and thus lower risk of heart problems.

All in all, happiness improves the life span and reduces the level of pains and aches which any person may experience in the usual course of their life. The fact that happiness levels have direct relation to both the heart and brain as well as mental wellness of every person means that many medical insurance providers also provide happiness coaching and stress busting sessions for their clients. If you are looking to buy health insurance online, you​ must check for these sessions as well as mental wellness related support in the policy on offer.

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