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Guide To Prepare Your Bike for Winter Riding

​Many of us live in areas with extreme winters. We all have faced a common issue where vehicles have trouble with the ignition in the morning. Due to the dropping temperatures, our motor vehicle gets cold and need repair from time to time. For some, it is satisfying to ride bikes in the cold. It also helps you to get to places quickly. With this endeavor what you need is little preparation for your bike to ride it in cold temperatures. It is also a bit risky to ride in cold temperatures due to conditions like snow, fog. You must buy bike insurance to ride in these troublesome conditions. Insurance will keep you secured on the road while driving.

Simple ways to prepare your bike for winters are:

Keep the vehicle covered

When you are done with preparing your motorbike for winters, invest in a good bike cover. A quality cover will keep the dust off and will keep the moisture out during winters. If you are storing your bike outside having protection is necessary. Moisture can create corrosion or rust and can have an impact on the performance of the bike. 

Prep Fuel System

Gas tanks tend to rust when not used. You may want to treat the tank and fill it to the brim with a stabilizer that will keep it in good shape during the winters. Add the proper amount of fuel stabilizer. The method is suitable when you are planning to store your bike for a longer period. 

Lube parts regularly

Cold Temperatures leads to rough movement between some parts. Proper lubrication from time to time will ensure all the parts run smoothly. It will help moisture from building upon them. Lubing is anyway necessary and keeps the vehicle in smooth shape for a longer time.


It is crucial to examine the electrics during winters. Where the electric cable is exposed, check it for breaks, fraying or some other kind of damage. The easy way to do this is by running fingertips over the cables. You will soon feel the breaks or any damage to the cables. With winter the sun sets earlier than usual. It is vital to check that all the lights are working. In any bulb is fused, it must be changed at priority. You also need to have bike insurance if you are planning to ride your bike on the roads. 

Oil and Filter

Your engine should have fresh oil in it during the winter. Old oil tends to settle more quickly. Fresh oil will help solve the problem with the ignition. There are winter weight oil specifically designed for the season which and help in start-up till springtime. If you are planning to store your bike, you need to protect your engine by coating it with a layer of oil. The cold air has moisture and can cause rust in pistons. 

To do this remove the spark plug put a little engine oil into the holes and start the engine for few minutes. You also need to change the filters for a smooth run. For these extreme conditions get two-wheeler insurance for your bike.​