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Guide To Pass Visa Interviews Successfully

Apart from being a fantastic experience, travelling to new countries can be quite educative. Meeting new people, knowing about new cultures, tasting different cuisines can be enthralling. Either visiting popular, rich countries or exploring the unexplored corners of the globe, you are required to carry essential documents like passport, visa, travel insurance copy, etc. Visa is of the most important documents that you have to carry while travelling abroad.

Getting a visa is not an easy task. Despite having all the papers and meeting the entire criterion, visa applications often get rejected. Knowing what to expect, and being geared up for the visa interview can make the differentiation between visa approval and denial. Below are a few tips and tricks to tackle visa interviews successfully-

Don't let the word "interview" scare you. A visa interview is nothing like a job interview. It is one of the significant processes that will allow you to visit your dream destination. Also, if it weren't important, you wouldn't spend the time and money to appear for the interview. Self-confidence is the most important thing that should carry with you while appearing for the interview. Applicants who are well prepared, answer confidently, and have an indisputable reason to apply for a visa, and are usually successful in getting the visa.

The first important step towards a successful interview is 'preparation.' Let's look at the different types of preparation to be done-

1.    General Preparation

•    Get some information or general knowledge on what the visa is all about, the process, etc.

•    Prepare for most commonly asked questions

•    Reach the consulate a little early

•    Ask for an interpreter if you are not conversant or confident in English


2.    Document Preparation

•    Fill all the application forms neatly and completely

•    Know what you have filled in the form, especially if you have taken guidance from others

•    Generally, seniors who apply for a visa don't know what they have written in the application form because the sponsor fills the application form for them

•    Answer the questions in the form honestly

•    If getting copies of documents make sure that the copies are readable

•    Verify that the names, date of birth, etc., are matching with the information in your passport

•    Organize your documents in a proper logical order. A well-organized and systematized set of documents will make it simpler for you to find the right documents immediately during the interview, so you will not get nervous

3.    Physical Preparation

•    An image is as important as the content! What you look like and how you speak are just as essential as what you say

•    Dress impressively as it conveys a lot about you and your personality

•    Have a sweet smile on your face and don't let nervousness take over you

4.    Attitude Preparation

•    Provide clear and concise answers. Do not provide any information that is not relevant or is not asked.

•    During the Interview greet the interviewer when you see him or her the first time

•    Do not argue

•    Be polite

•    Do not ask unnecessary questions

•    Communicate clearly - do not hesitate to politely ask to repeat or rephrase the question if you don't understand the question

Apart from all the details mentioned above, ensure that you stay safe and sound while travelling and staying aboard. For that, you will have to be extremely cautious during your trip. You should also secure your trip with a travel insurance policy so that can stay worry-free while on the move. A travel insurance policy covers lost passport, checked in baggage, trip delays, and much more!