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Guide To Maintain Work-Life Balance During Lockdown

​The global pandemic of Coronavirus has brought work, rest and play all under the one roof. The personal and the work-life is now intertwined more than ever. The Companies of all shape and sizes are now switching to work from home policy. Amidst this tough phase working from home is becoming tougher. Working from home could often make routine monotonous. What adds to the difficulty is stepping out of the home is almost impossible.

As the line between work and home life blurs we need to adapt to some changes to maintain this work-life balance. Gone is the time when work from home was considered a luxury when employees often got to work from home once a week. To be prepared for this sudden change and to have a balance there are some points to be kept in mind. Also, in the time of crisis buy health insurance online for your family. 

  1. Follow Routine

  2. The routine words sound boring in itself now but it is important to stick your routine especially during these hard times. All the activities you did before must be given a particular slot in the changed schedule. An attempt should be carried forward the old routine with some minor changes. Changing the sleep schedule is often costing people a lot. The day must be structured in a way that makes life easier to lie and less boring. 

  3. Office setup

  4. Having a designated workspace affects the mindset of the individual who is working. Get a table-chair setup instead of working ‘wherever you find space’. A particular working space keeps you motivated and will keep your personal and work life separate. Also, the people at home will feel like you are working seriously a will often help. Creating this physical divide between the work and personal life is thus important. 

  5. Scheduling working hours

  6. Assigning yourselves particular hours to work doesn’t keep you busy all day. When particular time is not decided the person ends up working all day with frequent breaks. This gives irritation after some point of time as the person feels they are constantly working. Try maintaining the old working hours. This will also benefit all the employees as if the job is a collaborative effort then all of them would be working at the same hours keeping each other motivated.

  7. Occasion breaks

  8. People at home are often missing the morning drive to office and tea break which they used to have. In-office people often interacted and were never working constantly. Similar kind of routine should be followed at home. There should be occasional breaks for tea or reading newspaper. Also, meals should be taken timely and should not be skipped at all. People in lockdown are often skipping a meal to take them once the work is finished. Instead much like the lunch break at office meals should be done in between work.

  9. Don’t get affected by the news

  10. While watching new important, too much consumption could affect the brain negatively. Those who are working from home should be watching the news in a controlled way. If you feel that the news is affecting your mood a lot then avoid watching it.

Keep yourself healthy in these times by following the basic points. Also, consider to buy health insurance for a secure future.