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Guide to Getting a Face Mask for your Child

​With the mass spread of COVID-19 virus, we all must take necessary steps like frequently washing hands and practicing all the measures of social distancing to make sure that our family remains protected. All the parents have been facing a problem to make their children wear a mask. Kids are active, many of them throw their masks in less than 5 minutes. This fidgety behavior leads the children to throw away their masks quickly. Parents can make their children wear a mask. All it takes it is little practice. 

Why is it important for children to wear a face mask?

COVID-19 spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets of coughs. Children are very active, teaching them to follow social distancing could be hard. Wear a cloth face mask to help to prevent those respiratory droplets. These cloth masks are best to prevent the mass spread of this virus. This simple habit can save someone's life. If your child wears a face mask, it will protect them if they come in contact with potentially symptomatic individuals. 

When should a child wear a face mask?

​A child cannot stay at home all day. Many of them need a walk or just go to the park. Your child must wear a face mask once they step out of the home. A face mask is important at the places where social distancing is hard to practice. Children are not required to wear a face mask if they are playing at their own homes. If your child has any kind of sensory illness which makes it difficult for them to wear a face mask, it is best to avoid social interactions.

 How can I help my child wear a face mask?

​All the parents are concerned about their child's safety in this lockdown. Wearing a mask is essential for everyone. Few steps which you can take as a parent to make your kids wear a face mask are:

Explain to the Child

Sometimes all that a child needs is an explanation. Start by educating them on why a face mask is vital. Use appropriate language and explain to them the whole concept. You may find that your child will get more concerned about the pandemic and will never forget the face mask again. 

Normalize face mask

Children learn ​by copying parents. If you wear a face mask and show them why it is great, they will soon start copying you. Let their dolls or toys wear face masks. Draw masks on the characters in the coloring book. It will make the mask look normal to them and will allow them to get more friendly with the use of the mask. 


If you provide your child with the option of colorful face masks, they will be more engaged in wearing one. Children are often attracted to the thing they find unique and beautiful. This concept could be applied to face masks. 

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