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Guide to Choose the Right Motorcycle while Buying

​Riding a bike is all about balance, comfort, and ease. Lacking those key components can cab be disturbing and discomforting. To get the most out of your riding experience, you need to have a bike that fits your height and size. Also, you need to have optimum control and balance on the bike. Riding a bike that doesn't match your height or is too heavy for you can be lethal. Do not get a bike that you can't sit with both feet flat on the ground. Stretching too far to reach the controls, not sitting comfortably, or just feeling awkward is a clear signal that the bike is not meant for you.

Finding the Right Type of Bike

We are sure you have a perfect bike in mind, which is fast, comfortable, and easy to handle. To give you an idea about the different types of bikes, we have provided a brief explanation so that you can have an opinion on what style will work best for you.

Here's a list of different types of two-wheelers you can choose from.


Also known as "naked motorcycles," standard bikes boast an upright riding position with low to mid-range bars and midfoot controls. These bikes are usually equipped with a more extended, flatter two-up seat and feature a single headlight with no fairing. The upright position helps the riders to maintain a comfortable position while riding.


If cruising city streets on a sturdy, low-slung machine is your dream, then cruiser is the perfect pick for you. Cruisers are incredibly comfortable to ride but are not ideal for beginners who are going to ride at higher speeds for an extended period.


Dual-sport bikes are available in a wide range of size, style, and colour. They are referred to as dual-purpose bikes as they can be used as both on- and off-road motorcycles. These bikes combine long-travel suspension with a powerful motor, which makes them suitable for both off-road and long-distance riding.


Scratch away your travel itch with none other than touring bikes. They are also known as dressers and are specifically designed for long-distance riding. With bigger engines, large fuel tanks, and lots of carrying capacity, these bikes will take care of all your travelling needs while on the go.

Sports bike

Packed with the latest and greatest technology, sports bikes are optimized for high speeds and acceleration. These bikes are equipped with sophisticated suspension systems and high-performance brakes.

Sport touring

What do you get when you mix the comfort and carrying capacity of a touring bike with the handling and looks of a sports bike- a sport touring bike. These bikes have aerodynamic fairings, detachable hard luggage, and a lot of horsepowers. Sport touring bikes are bulkier than sports bikes and lighter than touring bikes.

Now that you have a fair knowledge about the different types of bikes, it's the time to purchase the one that suits you the best. Also, don't forget to insure your bike with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy as it is mandatory to secure your bike before hitting the streets. Also, to avoid unforeseen circumstances, buying a two-wheeler insurance policy is a good approach.