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Guide On Talking About Coronavirus With Children

​Children are the most important part of everyone's life. Not only are they the most important responsibility of people, they are also their greatest joy and hope for a better future. In the times of Corona virus infections, it is very important for everyone to talk to their children about the pandemic and how it will impact them and their lives. However, talking to the children is always going to be different than talking to adults about this entire situation. Here are a few tips to help you talk to your children about Covid-19.

Use simple and honest language with children: 

Corona virus is a complex and complicated concept. Even many adults find it too complicated to understand so children can obviously be expected to have trouble understanding the entire concept. If children are not able to understand what is going on to a reasonable extent, they may go for panic reactions. This means that you must explain the things to children in a very simple way. Tell the children that this is like having a cold or flu but this time it is making some people more sick and so everyone in the world from governments to doctors and insurance companies are working together to fight against it. ​

Validate their concerns and feelings: 

Make sure that you allow your children a two way interaction where they are allowed to ask as many questions as they want. There may be cases where children may find the information too overwhelming and raise some questions or concerns immediately and some questions later one. You have to be patient with their queries both immediate and staggered. If you think you are concerned about the children's health, it is important to share those with them. While every responsible parent will always be prepared for health emergencies, but you should buy health insurance top ups for children and let them know about the same.

Reassure your children frequently: 

Your child will look towards you for guidance and support. They depend on you for safety and this means that you have to protect them from misinformation as well. Tell your children about how the government and WHO are working to control this situation. Experts say that parents need to frequently reassure their children about how regular hand washing helps keep them safe from virus. Similarly it is important to remind the children that they should stay away from other people and crowded areas. Frequent reassurance to children is necessary to ensure their ongoing trust and hand hygiene habit formation.

Corona times are difficult times and you need to be ready with appropriate information as well as financial support and emotional support. Health insurance will provide you financial support. WHO and many health related organizations will provide you correct information. Emotional strength can however only come from your friends and family. You have to spend as much time with your family as possible, especially with your children. Talk to them, care for them and shower your love on them.​​​

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