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Guide For Pregnant Women To Stay Safe During Coronavirus

We all are living in strange times, where we have to stay inside our homes to ensure our own and our family’s safety. The world is dealing with the recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), which was first reported in Wuhan, China. The government of several nations has imposed lockdown in their country. People of all age groups are eagerly waiting for this pandemic to end. Medical professionals all around the globe are dedicating their time and are working hard to treat infected patients. It is true that the elderly are more at risk of getting the infection, but have you thought about pregnant women? 

Yes, it is true that pregnant women are at a lesser risk as compared to older people. Yet, there are a lot of precautions that one should take care of as presently there is no specific cure available for Covid-19. We have prepared a guide for pregnant women that can help them to stay safe during Coronavirus:

Stay Away From People That Are Sick

Just like an elder person, pregnant women’s immune system is also weak. This is because she goes through so many physiological changes that make her more prone to respiratory infections and other illnesses such as flu or cold. Also, some studies have shown that high fever during the early stages of pregnancy can lead to birth defects. Thus, it is important to put pregnant women’s safety at the utmost preference during this pandemic. 

Strengthen Immune System

Eating a nutrient-rich diet is one of the best ways to make pregnant women’s immunity strong. During pregnancy, women need loads of protein and calcium to meet the need of the growing fetus. Adding legumes, salmon, dairy products, eggs, lean meat, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables in their diet will surely enhance immunity. Supplements like zinc and vitamin D are also helpful in making the immune system stronger. Regular exercise and good night’s sleep are enough to make pregnant women’s immune system stronger. 

Take Care of Proper Sanitization

You all must have heard these days how important the sanitization is. World Health Organisation has issued a guideline in which they talk about how to sanitize and wash hands. Go through there guidelines and help your spouse wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. A pregnant woman should frequently wash their hand with water or soap or sanitizer. Also, they should have access to the tissue box, so that whenever she sneezes, she can properly sanitize with tissue paper. 

Be In Touch With Your Doctor

Yes, it is true that or health professionals and hospitals are dealing with the pandemic, but according to the government of India, a pregnant woman can contact their doctor regarding their health and if necessary, can come up for the medical check-up. It is not advisable to self-medicate when feeling unwell. Consult your doctor and for a routine check-up, do wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  

Pregnancy is that stage of life where a woman requires complete medical attention for the sake of her mental and physical health. Also, for the financial well-being of her family, it is advisable to buy health insurance​ policy. Many reputable health insurance providers offer coverage that can take care of the hospitalization and medical expenses. Be safe and hope to welcome your baby in a world free of Coronavirus.

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