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Government Apps Useful For Social Distancing During Lockdown

​With the digitalisation happening quickly enough there came a time when there used to be a website for everything. With the advancement in mobile phones, there is now an app for everything. During this time of COVID pandemic, the Government of India has launched many important apps specifically for the lockdown. Many of these apps are part of the Digital India initiative.

These come in very handy and could easily be downloaded from the store on your phone for free. Some of these recently launched app by the government could be useful in specifically the lockdown situation for maintaining social distancing. Also, some of these apps could be complete many government tasks from sitting at home to complete all the tasks. Read forward to know more about these apps in details and to understand the services which they provide. The government also recommends every citizen to buy health insurance online for their safety. 

List of APPS


  1. Aarogya Setu

  2. The app was specifically launched to help people during this COVID-19 Pandemic. It avails citizens all the important information regarding the disease, providing information about the health risks and the best practices which could be followed. The app has been developed by the Ministry of Health to fight this particular pandemic.

  3. Aaykar Setu App
  4. The app is brought by the Income Tax department. All the tax-related queries could be resolved in no time with this app. This app is also useful if one is looking to pay tax online or if they are looking forward to applying for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. Also, the app features a good game which could help people in learning more about the taxation system in India.

  5. BHIM UPI App
  6. The tagline is the exact job of this app. It says ‘Making India cashless’. Not many people know that BHIM stands for, Bharat Interface for Money. This can be used to transfer or receive money from one bank account to the another. These transactions are not limited by working timing of the bank and money can be transferred by QR code as well.

  7. Digilocker
  8. The app is used to store all the digital document which are necessary. It aims to minimize the dependence on physical documents. The app could be used to verify the documents.

  9. ePathshala App
  10. This is learning on the go app and breaks the traditional classroom setup. The app can be used to access important books and can also be used to make notes. The app has been offered by NCERT.

  11. GST Rate Finder
  12. It is a simple representation for all the information regarding GST.

  13. Indian Police at your call
  14. The app has been designed for citizen’s safety and security.

  15. ​mAdhaar App
  16. This could be used to store a digital copy of the adhaar card and could be used for verification.

  17. MADAD app
  18. The app is offered by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is counselling services for Indian embassies in a foreign location.

  19. mParivahan app
  20. All the information regarding RTO.

  21. mPassport Seva
  22. All the passport related services.

  23. MyGov App
  24. This is a platform for citizen engagement.

  25. PMO India
  26. The app is for direct updates from PMO.

  27. UMANG app
  28. It brings various services by the government under a single umbrella.

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