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Don’t forget Doing these 11 Things Before Going on a Trip

​​Vacations are supposed to be everything but stressful. You need to remember things and set your home right for the unattended period. Sometimes, even a single act of negligence can ruin your entire trip. It can take you days to prepare for your upcoming trip and ensure everything goes right when you are not around. Preparing for vacation isn't as easy as throwing the clothes in a bag and off you go. It takes planning and patience. The best way to get this done is by making a list of things you are supposed to take care before leaving the town. It gets even more difficult if you have pets and kids at home. It's hard to think of everything, especially the things you may have forgotten until your plane starts taking off! Here are 11 things you shouldn't forget to do before leaving for vacation-

Don't Forget the Trash

We are sure; you don't want to return home to a stinky house. It is advisable to take out your trash cart, clean your fridge and sink, run the dishwasher, and ensure there's no food in the drain that could rot or attract bugs while you're away.

Don't Forget to Pay the Bills

Don't want to get hit with late fees? Ensure all credit cards bills, housing expenses, and other monthly bills are paid on time so that they aren't pending when you are back. This will give you peace-of-mind while you're holidaying.

Don't Neglect Your Pets

Your furry family members should not be neglected at any cost. In case, you are planning to keep them with your neighbour or a friend, let them know about the food they eat and ask them to keep a check on them.

Don't Leave the Water On

Leaving the water connections on isn't a common mistake, but it can cause significant problems once you are back from your vacation. Before you step out for your trip, ensure all the taps and water connections are off. This can prevent problems like a leaking water heater, burst supply line, spontaneous flooding, or water wastage in general.

Don't Forget Notifying Your Bank & Credit Card Company

If both your banks and credit card company is the same, then inform them about your trip if you are planning on using your bank-linked debit or credit card. Generally, banks freeze the accounts or flag the cards, in case an international transaction has been made, considering it as a suspicious activity.

Don't Leave Appliances Plugged In

Even after switching off the electronics, few of them draw power. Hence, you should unplug electronics such as coffee pots, computers, toasters, stereo, television, and other such devices before leaving on vacation.

Don't Leave Windows and Doors Open

Closing doors and windows is one of the most important things you should do before leaving for a vacation. Double check the locks and ensure they are in good condition. If you have an alarm system, ensure it is set before you head out.

Don't Forget to Tell Anyone

You don't want to come back to see that your house was broken into by a thief. Even if you impulsively planned a getaway, make sure you have informed a relative or a neighbour to keep an eye on your home.

Don't Place a hold on your mail/newspaper delivery

It's easy to put a hold on your mail/newspaper deliveries while you're on vacation. You don't want your essential documents missing or in the hand of the wrong person. Otherwise, you could inform a neighbour to collect your mail until you get home.

Don't Leave the plants unattended

Plants need weeks of time and effort to grow and flourish. However, you can lose their lush beauty in a day or two, if they are left unattended without water. If you have a garden, ask a friend or neighbour to swing by and water your plants while you're gone.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are several other things to keep in mind before you leave for the most-awaited holiday. Taking care of these simple things ensure you come back to a happy home. While you are on the go, ensure a secured trip with a travel insurance plan. A travel insurance policy covers conditions like lost passport, checked-in baggage, and much more. Protect your journey now!