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Do Eye Glasses Protect You from Coronavirus?

​This speculation was started from China when doctors noticed a few near sighted people in the ward. Very few of the patients admitted wore glasses. Comparing the number of people who have myopia or wear goggles the cases reposted were drastically low. It started research around the topic, whether eyes glasses offer some protection against COVID-19 virus. 

Eyes protection has always been a significant part of PPE kits. You may have seen doctors wearing eye protection during any surgery. We must look into the fact that, are our eyes window for the virus? The reports were thrilling. The discussion around this is necessary. In India, IRDAI has already launched corona kavach policy and corona rakshak policy to allow access to an affordable plan to people. These policies offer ample protection, PPE kits offered will cover the eyeglasses. 

Are eyes a window to the virus?​

A pivotal role for any virus infection is the entry point. Most of our body is covered with skin which is a protective layer and is very efficient against viruses and bacteria. The thinner membranes cover our eyes, digestive systems, and airways. The role of the membranes is to allow, oxygen, food and in the case of an eye, light into the body. All of these are vital for the body. Unfortunately, viruses take advantage of these entry points. 

 PPE equipment was designed specifically to protect these entry points. PPE includes face masks, goggles, and protective clothing. The weakest point through which the virus can get into our body is through our own hands. It is why with COVID-19 we are told to wash our hands properly and avoid touching our faces. 

Eye being a sensitive part can be an entry point for the virus. You would have often heard that person is advised not to touch their face, nose or eyes when suffering from an infection. The reason is similar. Though, the carrier would be the person's breath. The virus may not attack us immediately, instead, it could settle in our hands and later when we touch our face, rub our eyes or touch our nose it can transmit. 

Should we start wearing goggles?

The important thing which is relevant to us is whether we should support these observational studies and should go with wearing goggles or not. The first things needed is stronger evidence. A study among two groups must be conducted. The controlled trial will confirm all the doubts people have around the issue. The results from a practical experience will be much stronger than the study done on paper. 

In the end, whether helpful or not you must try to maintain social distancing and reduce touch. Wearing goggles comes under PPE and is known to be effective many times. There is no harm in wearing goggles if one thinks so. There is more data needed before we push you to wear goggles as a mandatory thing.

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