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Diabetes Friendly Desserts

​It can be very difficult to eat desserts if you have diabetes. Unbalanced sugar for a day can cause weeks of the struggle of balancing the sugar to a normal level even if you have very basic or low-level diabetes. For patients with serious diabetes, desserts are completely a no. These people need a replacement recipe which can give them equal fun while balancing their sugar level as well. These dishes could be made easily at home and could be a good replacement to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

A low carb diabetic dessert that doesn’t mess up with blood sugar level is a better option and luckily there are plenty of options for people to enjoy these recipes. The list of some of these diabetic friendly desserts are

Oats laddoo

This is a healthy dish for diabetic patients as both the ingredients oats and ragi help in maintaining the blood sugar level. For this recipe, one needs 1 cup oats, 1.5 cup ragi, dry fruits of preference, 1 tablespoon ghee, cardamom powder, ¼ cup of milk and some dates. 

How to make

  • Roast the oats and let them cool before blending them into oats flour
  • Roast the ragi flour and the oats flour in two separate vessels Now remove the seeds from the dates and grind them in a mixer to form a paste 
  • Mix the two flour on the low flame and add the paste slowly 
  • Add milk, ghee and cardamom powder and mix the ingredients thoroughly 
  • Take the ingredients off the stove and add some dry fruits to the mixture
  • Now using hands make small round balls of the mixture and then you ladoos are ready to serve

  • Strawberry Popsicles

    This is easy to make and one of the healthiest diabetes desserts. It only uses one ingredient and is thus simple to make.

    How to make

  • Cut 500 grams of strawberries into small pieces
  • Blend the small pieces to make a puree
  • You may add a little bit of lemon juice to make the taste a little bit tangy 
  • Add the strawberry puree into popsicle mould and add 2-3 strawberries as decoration
  • Freeze and then enjoy 

  • Mixed Fruit Shrikhand

    This easy recipe is very healthy as it just uses curd and fruits which includes a lot of nutrients. To make this you will require 1 cup of low-fat curd, 1 tablespoon of low-fat milk ¼ tablespoon of cardamom powder, few saffron and half cup of chopped mixed fruits. 

    How to make

  • Combine the milk and saffron and keep the mixture aside​
  • Now add the curd, cardamom powder and sweetener.
  • Mix this properly and after the freezing your dish is ready

  • While serving put the chopped fruits into the bowl and put some dry fruits as well. 

    Low carb Diabetic Desserts are the healthy food one should aim for. These sugar-free dishes are healthy and thus make up for amazing dishes for a diabetic patient. 

    With all the precautions we take we still end up with sudden illnesses and diseases. Therefore, we need to buy health insurance​ to have financial security and make your favourite dish in a sugar-free way to enjoy the taste.