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Decrypting the Car Dashboard Lights – Part 1

​As time passes by, cars are getting increasingly technology-centric and have sensors to track everything that happens within the car. Your cars dashboard is always keen to keep you updated with the condition of your car. But can you interpret all the warning lights correctly? Along with dashboard lights, your car insurance plan​ helps keep your vehicle safe.​​

Imagine you are late to office, speeding on the highway and all of a sudden you see an orange light appear on your dashboard. What should you do about it?

It is imperative to know what the car dashboard warning lights mean because they can prompt a car breakdown, most probably keeping you clear of an exorbitant repair bill and more importantly safeguarding you from unexpected circumstances.


Let us give you an insight of what you need to know to understand what’s going on with your car. From a reminder to fasten your seat belt, oil pressure warning, keeping a door open, to low fuel notification our car sensors keep us informed about everything under the sun. So without any ado, let’s begin.

Seat Belt Reminder​

We can start with the indicator which is more common than the others. The Seat Belt reminder is triggered when the car ignition is on and the seat belt stays unfastened. It generally comes with an audible alarm which begins when the vehicle is in motion and the belt remains unfastened. The indicator goes off as soon as the seat belt is fastened.

Door Open Indicator

This light is triggered when the engine is turned on and one or more doors are left open.  Make sure all the doors and shut correctly to switch off this indicator.

Low Fuel light

It’s not rocket science to comprehend this warning light. It means your car is running low on fuel and it’s time to refill it.  In this case, take your car to the fuel station, that’s it. A job well done!

The Brake System Warning

Simply put, it indicates one of the three probable situations: the most common reasons are that the handbrake is on; there is a problem with the brake system, or an ABS problem. In such a scenario, check the brake fluid and ascertain that the parking brake is completely released. If the problem still persists you should seek professional advice. Ensure your Car Insurance policy​ is renewed on time to avoid any car break down hassles. Stay tuned for information on the rest the indicators in the next part…​