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Complete Face Mask Selection Guide

Today medical masks are in great demand among people all across the world. Let's discuss some of the most common ones approved by the government of authorities.

The novel coronavirus is a new threat to the world and has already affected millions of people across the globe. Highly contagious, this virus transmits from one person to another easily by simple communication. According to the world health organization (WHO), coronavirus spreads much faster than any other viruses available. Due to the high contagious tendency of this virus, it is required to break the chain by keeping ourselves away from crowed. We also need to follow social distancing and should wear masks to avoid virus-containing droplets that are present in air and nearby surfaces.

To keep ourselves safe and secure, we need to prepare proper health plans and have to strictly follow them. The most important thing during this pandemic period is a mask, which we have to select stringently. We need to wear a mask regularly while going out of the house and sometimes inside the home as well whenever not feeling well so that we will not spread any kind of virus within the family even. 

What Are The Different Types Of Masks

Medical-grade masks

These masks are again divided into two types; disposable surgical masks and N95 respirators. Usually, disposable surgical masks filter large particles and droplets discharged when someone sneezed or coughs and N95 respirators filter out small particles, smoke, and airborne viruses.

Non-medical face covering

Scarves, handkerchiefs, or home-made reusable cloth masks protect from large particles and droplets just similar to surgical masks. This type of masks and clothes should be cleaned and washed after every use to keep them hygienic.

Apart from the masks,if you buy health insurance, that will also help you in living a stress-free life during this pandemic period. This is something that keeps you and your family protected from unexpected medical expenses which directly affects your savings. One can buy medical insurance from any of the trusted companies available in the market. Insurance further helps in getting a rebate in income tax as well under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

What is the difference between the surgical mask, N95 respirator, and home-made cloth mask?

Protection: Surgical and home-made masks filter large particles and droplets of cough and sneezing, while N95 respirator filters micro particles and viruses and pollutants.

Cost: Surgical mask and home-made masks are cost-effect while N95 is a little expensive.

Life: Surgical masks are disposable while N95 and home-made masks are reusable.

Approved: N95 and surgical masks are approved by the government authorities, while home-made masks are used during an emergency as it reduces the chance of getting infected.

To avoid this Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, include any of the masks in your health plans and work on the plans strictly so that you can keep yourself healthy and safe from this virus and can break the chain. Each step taken towards our safety helps government officials in making the planet secure for all humankind. Also, if we will support and follow government rules during this period, this will be a huge contribution to control this pandemic.

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